Theresa Nist & Gerry Turner Surprise Co-Workers & Fans in New Jersey

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner

Heavy/ABC Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner prepare for the holidays in New Jersey.

“The Golden Bachelor” stars Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist have been inseparable since the November 30 finale of their season aired. After a flurry of media appearances, the engaged couple headed to her hometown in New Jersey. It looks like his first opportunity to connect with her inner circle of colleagues and family members went quite well.

Here’s what you need to know:

Gerry Turner Joined Theresa Nist for Her Company Holiday Party

On December 8, Nist posted a photo on Instagram that showed her with Turner at a restaurant. “The Golden Bachelor” winner wrote in the caption, “Surprise for my coworkers at the Holiday Party this year! I brought a date!”

She tagged Gabriella’s Italian Steakhouse in her caption, signaling that is where the company holiday party was held.

Turner posted a similar photo on his Instagram page. “People in New Jersey are AWESOME,” he gushed. “And they know how to throw a party. Thanks TFS,” “The Golden Bachelor” star added.

TFS refers to the company where Nist works, Tomorrow’s Financial Services, Inc. Nist’s bio on the company’s website indicates she is a Senior Compliance and Operations Liaison. She manages direct business operations, the site notes, and is involved in several different aspects of TFS Wealth Management.

Turner appeared to charm quite a few fans of his from New Jersey.

One commenter wrote, “Yesssssss Jersey!!!!!! We love you @theresa_nist and Gerry!!!!”

Another added, “Us Jersey girls are the best!”

‘The Golden Bachelor’ Star Is Nist’s ‘Best Christmas Present Ever’

Another recent Instagram post by Nist teased that Turner was the “best Christmas present ever.” The December 11 post featured Turner and Nist dressed up and posing in front of a large, decorated Christmas tree.

“I just love how happy these two are together! And Theresa looks absolutely stunning here,” gushed a “Golden Bachelor” fan.

Fellow “Golden Bachelor” contestant Joan Vassos commented, “Beautiful dress Theresa!”

Kathy Swarts, who had bickered with Nist a bit during filming, wrote, “Love those smiles!!! 🥰”

Renee Wright, another contestant who was eliminated early in the season, also commented. “Theresa it’s been such an honor to get to know you and become such good friends. I’m so happy for you and you do deserve the best. And the best is yet to come. Love you, Renee.”

‘Golden Bachelor’ Fans Adore Seeing the Couple Doing Well

On December 10, Turner shared another photo on Instagram that showed him dining with his fiancee. “Finally, dinner for two at Theresa’s favorite restaurant in Seabright NJ,” he wrote.

“The Golden Bachelor” indicated they were at Anjelica’s Restaurant, another Italian eating establishment. The couple enjoyed some red wine and it appeared they had a dessert in front of them, with a lit heart candle on it.

Host Jesse Palmer asked what they ordered, and Turner responded. “Had the Beet and Cara Cara Orange salad, which was awesome!! And Veal Raviolis.”

Fans adored the New Jersey updates from “The Golden Bachelor” couple.

One comment read, “Gerry & Theresa you both are glowing!”

Another fan wrote, “Lovely couple. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness together!”

A “Golden Bachelor” fan shared on Reddit, “I live on the Jersey shore and I’m so excited to think there’s a good possibility I run into them one of these days. Especially since the off season is the best time for uncrowded walks on the boardwalk. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled.”

“I want my golden years to be like this, enjoying life with a partner and going out to eat and traveling and being happy together. I really hope this works, because they ARE inspiring to so many. A happy relationship in the golden years is goals for me,” suggested another Redditor.