Theresa Nist Likes Comment That Says the ‘Cream Rises to the Top’

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More comment likes have emerged on Theresa Nist’s Instagram page that shed light on Nist’s thoughts about the show and other contestants.

As Heavy previously reported, Nist has liked a series of Instagram comments that shade other contestants on “The Golden Bachelor,” including Leslie Fhima (the other finalist), Kathy Swarts, and Faith Martin.

Now it emerges that Nist also liked comments that said the winner was the cream rising to the top and that Nist was the “classiest” contestant. She also liked comments referring to “Golden Bachelor” contestant Kathy Swarts as a “mole” and that said, “You could see Caitlin Jenner…I mean Kathy (lol) coming a mile away…she’s insecure and started drama night one!”

Nist and Fhima square off for the final rose in the last episode of the popular show, which airs on November 30, 2023. The blogger “Reality Steve” has posted a spoiler on the winner. This article will not reveal that information. However, be forewarned that Nist’s comments provide clues as to the winner.

Here’s what you need to know:

Theresa Nist Liked a Comment That Said the ‘Cream Rises to the Top,’ Referring to the Final Rose Winner

Theresa comment like

Instagram (Theresa Nist)Theresa Nist comment like

In an Instagram post on a November 9, 2023, group shot of the “Golden Bachelor” contestants, Nist liked a comment that said the “cream rises to the top.”

The comment by @lindacut2927 read, “Cream rises to the top…all the validation about your connection with Gerry has been proven…by Gerry…Wishing you love & happiness…you so deserve it after all you have been through!❤️”

theresa instagram

Instagram (Theresa Nist)Theresa Nist Instagram comments.

Nist was one of 14 likes on the comment.

Nist liked a similar comment by the same author that read, “As they say…Cream rises to the top…Teresa! I really thought Kathy was a ‘mole’ for the show…Gerry has integrity …glad he didn’t fall for Kathy or April’s manipulation ! You stood your ground and came up smelling like roses!!!”

Theresa Nist

Instagram (Theresa Nist)Theresa Nist

Nist also liked a comment that argued that she was the only contestant who was both physically and emotionally attracted to Turner.

theresa nist

Instagram (Theresa Nist)Theresa Nist like

The Instagram user @everafter_us wrote on Nist’s page:

I was sad Faith left BUT after watching her interview where she said there wasn’t a sexual attraction but a soulful one..I realized Gerry made the right choice by letting her go. When we chose our partners they should love us Physically and emotionally! And Gerry looks incredible for his age so Im Confuse why she wasn’t attracted sexually. As I thought about I realized the ONLY woman who seem to love Gerry Physically and emotionally is Theresa. She’s perfect for him. He also attracted to her as well. Theresa and Gerry were meant to find each other I see it now. ❤️

Nist was one of 16 people to like that comment.

Theresa Nist Liked an Instagram Comment Referring to Her as the ‘Classiest’ Contestant

theresa nist

Instagram (Theresa Nist)Theresa Nist Instagram page comment

@debbiebutler843’s wrote on Nist’s Instagram page in November, “I’m convinced you’re Gerry’s choice. You are the classiest and most like him. You both would be assets to each other’s families. Can’t wait!!!”

Nist liked the comment.


Instagram (Theresa Nist)Theresa Nist comment like

That comment was made on a November 14 post by Nist on mountains in Costa Rica.

theresa nist

Instagram (Theresa Nist)Theresa Nist comment like

Nist also liked a similar comment on a November 1 post in which she shared a photo showing her in an embrace with Turner. @groversaunt wrote, “Teresa, you’re classier. The chemistry is undeniable between you two. My spirit says it’s you. Good luck ❤️.”

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