‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Alum Admits She Wasn’t ‘Excited’ About Pregnancy

Pregnant woman

Getty A pregnant woman poses outdoors.

Surprising news recently turned one former “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise” contestant’s world upside down. Not only was this news something that caused a full-blown freak-out at first, but it also was not initially a development welcomed with open arms. Now, luckily, things are better and Tia Booth is excited to become a mother for the first time a few months from now.

Here’s what you need to know:

Booth Knows Exactly When She Got Pregnant

In the June 23 episode of the “Click Bait” podcast, Booth shared the scoop with listeners and her co-hosts “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile and Natasha Parker. Booth recently got engaged to her beau, Taylor Mock, and soon after the proposal, she learned that wasn’t the only big change coming for her. “Nine days after we got engaged, I found out I was about four or five weeks pregnant,” she revealed. “We technically were pregnant when we got engaged, we just didn’t know.”

Not only can Booth recall how soon after her engagement she learned she was pregnant, but she also knew exactly when she had become pregnant. “It was March 26 and we were about to go watch the Razorbacks play basketball,” she recalled. The “Bachelor in Paradise” star explained she had been using the fertility tracking app Natural Cycles, and after getting frisky with Mock, she realized that had been a “red” day for her. That meant it was a day to be cautious to avoid a pregnancy, and they weren’t. “We were almost in the clear, but that was it!” When Booth took a pregnancy test, it came after a dream she’d been pregnant and lost the baby. She was not feeling any symptoms at the time, but a friend encouraged her to take a test and it was positive.

The Mother-to-Be Couldn’t Believe the News


The shock of the positive test took some time to wrap her head around. Booth explained, “I wasn’t as excited at first, I was freaking out.” At that point, she was planning a fall wedding, and she had big visions for how fabulous it would be. She quickly realized that the wedding she had dreamed of wouldn’t quite fit with when she’d be due to deliver her baby.

“At this point, I’m 30, we weren’t trying to get pregnant, but we also weren’t trying very hard not to get pregnant,” she admitted. “It wasn’t a complete shock, so once I got over the initial stress, I was excited!” She’s excited now, although she acknowledged realizing she wouldn’t get to have her dream wedding quite yet “was a bit of a bummer at first.”

Booth announced her pregnancy in a Father’s Day Instagram post, sharing thoughts about welcoming a new life while still mourning the loss of one. As her social media followers know, her father died in February. During the “Click Bait” podcast, the “Bachelor in Paradise” star noted she hoped to honor her dad if her baby is a boy, by giving the baby her father’s name. Booth and Mock expect their baby to arrive in December, and despite the initial shock, it’s now full-steam ahead with exciting baby preparations.