‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Reveals Secret About Yosef Aborady on First Night

Yosef Aborady

ABC "The Bachelorette" stars Yosef Aborady

It didn’t take long for The Bachelorette to have some drama between the suitors. Early on during the first cocktail party contestant Tyler Cottrill pulled fellow contestant Yosef Aborady aside to call him out for his behavior prior to appearing on the show.

According to Cottrill, Aborady spent time in the months leading up to filming messaging women despite being set to compete for the love of Clare Crawley. Cottrill said a woman reached out to him to tell him about Aborady’s advances.

While Aborady denied the claim, he still told Crawley of Cottrill’s accusation to head off any negativity. In a quick meeting between Yosef, Tyler, and Clare, Aborady continued to deny the claim and said he has “nothing to hide.”

Crawley was satisfied enough with Aborady’s denials to walk away from the conversation, leaving Cottrill and Aborady to settle things. That conversation fizzled quickly and the night got back to normal.

There’s always a villain on The Bachelorette, and the quick duel between contestants raised red flags. It was hard to tell if it was Yosef or Tyler to be worried about, though.

Yosef’s Still Expected to Become a Villain Soon

Perhaps due to the brief drama earlier in the night between Cottrill and Aborady, Crawley decided to eliminate Cottrill and keep Aborady. The rest of the premiere episode went off without a hitch. But previews of upcoming episodes showed a different side of Aborady on the way.

“I expected way more from the oldest Bachelorette,” Aborady was shown shouting at some point during the show.

“I don’t care what I’ve done,” Crawley told the camera. “To sit there and say I’m the oldest Bachelorette, guess what? I’m the oldest Bachelorette that’s 39, that’s standing here, that’s single, because I didn’t settle for men like that.”

The Bachelor franchise has pulled fast ones in the past with misleading previews, but it certainly appears as though Cottrill was right in warning Crawley about the true intentions of Aborady.

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