‘Bachelor’ Fans Defend Anastasia, Saying She Wasn’t ‘Manipulative’

zach shallcross anastasia

ABC Zach Shallcross with contestants.

On the February 13 episode of “The Bachelor,” Zach Shallcross confronted contestant Anastasia about her true intentions.

Stop reading if you don’t want to get spoilers for the February 13, 2023, show.

Shallcross told Anastasia that other women had warned him that she might not be on the show for the right reasons. He said he was concerned she was on “The Bachelor” to build her brand on social media and gain Instagram followers, not to find love.

She assured Shallcross that this wasn’t the case, but he said he needed to think about the situation. In the end, he sent her home, and that did not sit well with some fans who believe other women were “manipulative,” not Anastasia.

“I believe Anastasia is innocent and that her words were twisted. If Kylee didn’t hear the words come out directly from her, she shouldn’t even say anything to Zach!” a fan wrote.

“Are you really here for me?” Shallcross asked Anastasia on the show.

Here’s what you need to know:

2 Contestants Warned Zach Shallcross About Anastasia

On the show, Kylee and Charity were the contestants who filled Shallcross’ ear about Anastasia.

First, Kylee told Shallcross that Anastasia had spoken about Instagram followers to some of the women, and Charity told Shallcross that she had heard this as well. Kylee claimed that Anastasia said final contestants would gain 50,000 Instagram followers as a result of the show.

For her part, Anastasia said she was proud of the work she has done on social media, but she denied that it was a motive for her being on the show.

“That is my nightmare,” Shallcross told Anastasia, referring to the possibility that she might have impure motives for being on the show.

Later, Anastasia told Shallcross, “I don’t get it. I don’t understand where this could have come from. I’m just upset about everything I gave up to be here and then to just be completely manipulated and lied about is really disrespectful and disappointing.”

She added, “These are amazing women, but be careful who you’re getting your information from because those people are literally bold face lying.”

Many Fans Defended Anastasia, Saying Her Words Were Misconstrued

Fans reacted to the controversy. “I like him, but he’s going to feel really bad when he sees the playback where Anastasia wasn’t the bad guy there,” wrote one person on Twitter.

Another wrote, “You sent Anastasia home because of a lying manipulative woman, Kylee is is the worst. She starts trouble and then claims to be a victim. WTF is wrong with you?? You claim you want honesty… Anastasia was honest. UR a doofus.”

“Kylee’s mad annoying. She lied about Zach asking her about Anastasia – she volunteered that info about the followers out of thin air. And if it was so important for him to know, why wait until the day you have beef with stasia to bring it up? #thebachelor,” a fan wrote.

According to her ABC bio, Anastasia is a content marketing manager from San Diego, California. Her bio says:

Anastasia is really someone special. She comes from a big, loving Greek family and is ready to find love of her own! When it comes to finding a husband, Anastasia is looking for a mature man who has his life together and knows what he wants. In her free time, Anastasia enjoys watching the ‘Harry Potter’ movies, visiting her family in Greece and vibing out to Rufus Du Sol’s music. Anastasia is done wasting time when it comes to dating and is ready to jump into love with both feet. Will Zach be the man to take the plunge with her? Only time will tell.

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