Does Zach Shallcross Get Engaged on ‘The Bachelor’ Finale?

Zach Shallcross

ABC Zach Shallcross is "The Bachelor."

“The Bachelor” spoilers for Zach Shallcross’ season have been trickling out slowly since filming took place last fall. Until now, key details regarding how the season ended remained under wraps. There have been some rumors floating around, but now spoiler king Reality Steve shared what he believes goes down at Shallcross’ final rose ceremony.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

Zach Shallcross Is Engaged, According to Reality Steve

So far, Zachcross has been cautious in what he has shared regarding the ending of his season. He has suggested it was a positive experience and he found love, but he has not revealed whether there was an engagement. According to Reality Steve’s latest blog post and podcast, however, Shallcross is engaged. “The Bachelor” spoiler guru previously shared that Shallcross had the standard four hometown dates, and he reportedly met the families of contestants Charity Lawson, Ariel Frenkel, Gabrielle Elnicki, and Kaitlyn Biggar. After completing the hometown dates, Shallcross apparently eliminated Lawson and took his final three women to Thailand for the overnight dates.

Now, Reality Steve has revealed that after the overnight Fantasy Suite dates in Thailand, Shallcross eliminated Frenkel. That left Biggar and Elnicki as his final two ladies. “The Bachelor” spoilers from the blogger further detail that Elnicki was eliminated at the final rose ceremony, leaving just Biggar. Shallcross reportedly proposed, and Biggar accepted.

Separate ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers Suggest Elnicki Received the Final Rose

Reality Steve acknowledged there have been rumors Elnicki received Shallcross’ final rose. “Here’s what I can tell you: I trust my sources just like they trust their sources. It’s now up to you the public to decide who you choose to believe,” Reality Steve noted. “Personally, I’ll bet on myself… With another spoiler out there for 2 months that’s opposite of mine, now we can officially say one of us is dead wrong. Gonna make for a great finale night I tell ya’,” he continued. Reality Steve added that until recently, he had not received the level of information he felt was necessary to feel comfortable releasing these final rose spoilers. “I guess we’ll see who’s right come mid-March when this season is done airing. Can’t wait,” he quipped.

“The Bachelor” fans are not necessarily convinced Reality Steve’s spoilers are right in this case, though. There are also viewers who want Elnicki to be the final rose recipient, and Shallcross’ fiancee, so for now, they are simply hoping Reality Steve is wrong.

“Aw, I kinda liked Gabi. Oh well, it’s been two episodes. To be fair, I don’t trust IG accounts or RS. He’s lead us wrong before,” commented one “Bachelor” fan on Reddit.

“Oh wow Kaity is f1. Kinda bummed just because I was starting to want her as bachelorette but this is why I wasn’t 100% jumping on believing it was Gabi yet. I thought if RS wasn’t putting out something he had to be hearing differently,” noted another Redditor.

“At this point I’m hoping both of them are wrong to spice it up,” someone else joked about Reality Steve and the other supposed spoiler source.

“We are really back to the old days. Traditional f1 and we don’t know who. I thought Gabi was a bit too thirsty to be f1. Kaity seems like a better fit for Zach too,” suggested another “Bachelor” fan. As that Redditor noted, it has been a few seasons since “The Bachelor” had a traditional ending. If Shallcross had a traditional final rose ceremony and remains engaged to his pick, that will be the first time since Nick Viall’s season that there wasn’t some sort of switch, breakup, or chaotic drama causing trouble for the final couple. Will Reality Steve’s spoilers prove to be right for Shallcross’ season? Fans will not find out for certain for a while, but these “Bachelor” spoilers certainly have people talking.

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