Why Lauren Conrad Stopped Talking to ‘The Hills’ Costars

Lauren Conrad

Getty Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, and Whitney Port attend the season 4 finale of MTV's "The Hills" at Tavern on the Green on December 22, 2008 in New York City.

Lauren Conrad left her reality TV career behind after departing The Hills in 2009, but did she say goodbye to all of her friendships as well?

Fans know that her feud with former roommate Heidi Montag occurred during filming.  LC couldn’t stand Heidi’s boyfriend-turned-husband Spencer Pratt,  and she once revealed she almost quit her own show because of them.

“I actually came dangerously close to not doing season three, because I really didn’t want to do the show with Heidi and Spencer,” she told Seventeen in 2007, according to People. “I’m not who they are.”

And last year on Whitney Port’s With Whit podcast, Lauren admitted that she was no longer in touch with most of her The Hills co-stars, but that she does still speak to some of her childhood friends from her high school reality show,  Laguna Beach.

“Most of the people close with that I filmed with are from Laguna,” she said. “So Dieter [Schmitz] I talk to all the time. I don’t see anybody anymore but when we did, I see Stephen [Colletti]. During holidays and stuff, I’ll usually see Christina Schuller or Morgan [Smith]. I live in my hometown. It’s more seeing people that I grew up with, who I also filmed a show with.”

She was never actually friends with Kristin Cavallari, but what about her former filming friends Whitney, Lo Bosworth, and Audrina Patridge?

Lo & Audrina Both Explained Why They Are No Longer Close to Lauren

Lo Bosworth

GettyLo Bosworth and Lauren Conrad arrive at The 8th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party at Paramount Studios on October 1, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

In an interview with Celebuzz, Audrina admitted that she never would have been friends with Lauren if they hadn’t been on The Hills, so when the series ended, so did their made-for-TV connection.

“I don’t really talk to Lauren or see her at all,” Audrina told the outlet in 2012. “I think there was a little bit of a falling out. We kind of went our separate ways. The show brought us together and without that show, we all kind of go back to our own thing.”

Perhaps more surprising is LC’s lack of closeness to Lo, who was one of her best friends at Laguna High. The former besties rarely interact on social media, although they reunited for a mutual friend’s wedding in Ojai, California in  2017,  according to Pop Sugar.

In an interview with Life & Style, Lo explained that her move to New York City has made it “more of a challenge” to stay in touch with her Laguna-based friends.

She also once said she doesn’t want “any association” with “those people” from The Hills.

“I think everybody actually feels that way about their coworkers, which is really what The Hills was,” she said, according to Us Weekly.  “They were all just my f—king coworkers. It was a job. A j-o-b.”

Lauren Compared Her Friendships on ‘The Hills’ to ‘College Friends’

ristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port

GettyKristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port attend MTV’s “The Hills Live: A Hollywood Ending” Finale event held at The Roosevelt Hotel on July 13, 2010 in Hollywood, California

On her podcast, Whitney revealed that’s he is still constantly asked if she is still friends with Lauren,  whom she first met 15 years ago when they interned for Teen Vogue while on The Hills.

Whitney said that despite their distance, she considers Lauren a friend that she had “really special experiences with …but that you don’t always keep in touch with.”

“What you said is perfectly describing it,” Lauren replied. “I have so much love in my heart for you and, like, we shared this really weird, unique thing and I think it is, it’s like old college friends, you know. I’ll always remember you like that and I’ll never have that with anybody else.”

She also apologized for distancing so much from her “college friend,”  explaining that she wanted to remove herself from the reality TV world and all that came with it.

“I kind of like removed myself from that whole scene,” she said. “I lived a certain way for so long and, like, as much as I am appreciative and I love you and I love so many people we worked with…there is certain, like, toxic elements there and it gets really hard.”

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