Blake Shelton Wants To Try To Stop Drinking

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani at the 48th Annual AFI Life Achievement Awards.

Getty Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani at the 48th Annual AFI Life Achievement Awards.

With the new year right around the corner, Blake Shelton says he wants to “cut back or stop drinking altogether” as part of his resolution. Turning over a new leaf while leaving an old year behind is never easy. But for the former ‘The Voice” coach, it’s something that has been a long time coming.

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Shelton admitted that cutting out booze isn’t anything new to him. He just hasn’t had any luck trying to do so in previous years. “I haven’t managed to stop drinking yet. That’s been, you know, even cutting back has been hard,” Shelton admits.

Despite coming up short with his desire to stop drinking in the past, Shelton wants to take a public approach to curbing his alcohol consumption. “I mean, it’s a resolution though. And I’ll say it again right now — that’s my New Year’s resolution, is to either cut back or stop drinking altogether. Let’s just say I said it.”

Why Does Blake Shelton Want To Stop Drinking?

Blake Shelton’s affinity for drinking shouldn’t come as a surprise to most fans. With songs like “Sangria,” “I Drink,” and “The More I Drink,” Shelton hasn’t been shy about letting anybody know what his idea of a good time is.

In an April 2019 post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Shelton addressed a question that fans had been pestering with for years. “One of the number one questions I get, every week, is ‘What are you drinking on the show? You got your cup there. You’re always drinking it,'” Shelton said. “I’m tired of the question. I’m going to show you, and I’m going to show you this every week so you don’t have to wonder any more.”

Inside his trailer, Shelton then went on to give a step-by-step process of what he had been filling in his cup. After filling his cup with ice, Shelton mixes in a healthy pour of vodka along with a can of Sprite. “So of course I’m drinking alcohol tonight on the show, while I’m working, yes. Get over it. All I got to do is sit in a chair,” he said defiantly.

Blake Shelton’s Booze-Filled Game Show

In December 2022, Shelton and Carson Daly’s “Barmageddon” premiered on USA Network. The duo created the game show that features their celebrity friends competing in over-the-top bar games. When asked to describe his show, Shelton looked to a popular movie for inspiration. “What we were aiming for was real-life “The Hangover,”” Shelton told PEOPLE. “We wanted to try to capture that in a TV show with people that we know.

For Shelton, duplicating that party lifestyle in a fun setting proved to be a success. “Unfortunately for Gwen [Stefani] and Sheryl [Crow], they were the very first episode that we actually taped. Gwen had to be the guinea pig for everybody else,” says Shelton. “She and Sheryl both did so well and just let their hair down and went for it. They set the bar for the tone and personality of the series.”

As Shelton sat back and admired what he and Daly put together, it only took one episode to know that he had a hit on his hands. “It gave us the confidence to say, ‘We really can do this. If these two icons are willing to be on this show and do shots of gross stuff and play absolutely stupid games, then we know we have something here,'” Shelton said.