‘The Voice’ 2022 Live Recap: Battles Part 4 Winners & Who Went Home?

"The Voice" Battles continue tonight

The Voice / YouTube "The Voice" Battles continue tonight

“The Voice” season 22 Battle Rounds continue with part four tonight, October 24. After tonight, at least six more singers will advance to the Knockout Round. Only 15 of the 36 Knockout spots remain going into tonight’s episode. With fewer Saves and Steals still available, the stakes are even higher to impress coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, John Legend, and Camila Cabello.

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers for “The Voice” season 22 episode, “The Battles Part 4” (October 24, 2022). Do not read ahead if you do not want this episode spoiled. 

‘The Voice’ Season 22 Battle Rounds Episode 4 Live Recap

Team Gwen: Kique vs. Tanner Howe

Coach Gwen Stefani matched singers Kique and Tanner Howe together in the first battle of the night to “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds, which Gwen calls a “perfect song”. She hopes the two will blow the audience away with their performance, and advisor Sean Paul told them not to deviate too much from the song as written.

The two practiced for days leading up to the battle, and the practice paid off. Gwen ended up choosing Kique as the winner of the battle, and Tanner Howe was eliminated.

Team Blake: Hillary Torchiana vs. Kevin Hawkins

Blake Shelton gave Hillary Torchiana and Kevin Hawkins “Preach” by fellow coach John Legend, who was blocked by Gwen from choosing piano teacher Kevin Hawkins in the blind auditions. Advisor Jimmie Allen agreed with Blake that not every high note is needed, and that the competitors will have to get over their nerves at singing John Legend’s song in front of him.

The performance earned a standing ovation from John, and all the coaches chose Kevin as their winner. Blake had the final decision and gave the win to Kevin Hawkins. Hillary Torchiana was eliminated.

Team Camila: Sasha Hurtado vs. Devix

Camila gave the two indie 20-something singers “Electric Feel” by MGMT. Advisor Charlie Puth cautioned them to sing out to the audience, and coach Camila expressed concern that they wouldn’t come out of their shells, and told the two to “practice having fun” prior to the performance.

“What the hell?! That was so beautiful!” Gwen said after the performance, and John agreed it was his favorite of the day.

While her fellow coaches were split, Camila chose to send Devix on to the Knockouts, but Sasha Hurtado did not go home. Gwen used her Steal, and Sasha Hurtado is now on Team Gwen.

Team Legend: Kim Cruse vs. David Andrew

The next battle of the night, between Kim Cruse and David Andrew of Team Legend, was to Giveon’s “Heartbreak Anniversary”, which both contestants said they related to. Advisor Jazmine Sullivan noted that David was applying notes they gave him between practices of the song, and warned them not to get in each other’s way.

After the performance, John complimented David’s joy and clarity as a singer, and Kim’s tone and control over her voice, calling her an “elite vocalist”. The winner of this battle was Kim Cruse. David Andrew has been eliminated.

Team Blake: Kate Kalvach vs. Madison Hughes

The fifth battle between Kate Kalvach and Madison Hughes was to “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison. Blake told both singers that he thinks they are capable of more during the rehearsals and hoped to see both of them push further in the final performance.

Camila said Kate has her favorite voice in the competition right now, and all of the coaches loved Madison’s alto tone, which Coach Blake compared to Elvis Presley. Blake gave the win to Kate Kalvach, and Madison Hughes went home.

Team Gwen: Alyssa Witrado vs. Ian Harrison

“The Voice” shared a sneak peek of tonight’s final battle between Alyssa Witrado and Ian Harrison to Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever”. In rehearsal, coach Gwen and advisor Sean told the singers to “saturate” the performance with their style, facial expressions, and of course their vocals.

“Gwen is in trouble again, man,” Sean said of the coach’s looming decision.

John and Camila both said they would choose Alyssa, while Blake gave the win to Ian, crediting his shock factor. Gwen decided to send Alyssa Witrado on to the Knockouts, but Ian Harrison did not go home.

Coach John Legend used his Steal, and Ian Harrison is now on Team Legend.

At the end of the night, only Blake’s Save remains. With six battles remaining, only seven more artists will move on to the Knockouts tomorrow night.

What Do the Teams Look Like Going Into Tonight?

Going into tonight, Camila Cabello has the most team members standing with 12. All other coaches have 11. Blake Shelton still has his Save, while Gwen Stefani and John Legend both have a Steal.

See the team rosters, including who’s already won their Battle, before tonight’s episode below:

Team Camila:

  • Devix
  • Chello
  • Andrew Igbokidi
  • Sasha Hurtado
  • Zach Newbould
  • Constance Howard
  • Morgan Myles (won Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)
  • Steven McMorran (saved in Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)
  • Orlando Mendez (won Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)
  • Jaeden Luke (stolen from Team Blake in Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)
  • Reina Ley (won Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)
  • Eric Who (won Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)

Team Blake:

  • Kate Kalvach
  • Bryce Leatherwood
  • Kevin Hawkins
  • The Dryes
  • Madison Hughes
  • Hillary Torchiana
  • Austin Montgomery (won Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)
  • Jay Allen (stolen from Team Gwen in Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)
  • Bodie (won Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)
  • Brayden Lape (won Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)
  • Eva Ullman (won Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)

Team Gwen:

  • Ian Harrison
  • Alyssa Witrado
  • Sadie Bass
  • Tanner Howe
  • Kayla Von Der Heide
  • Kique
  • Rowan Grace (won Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)
  • Cara Brindisi (won Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)
  • Justin Aaron (won Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)
  • Destiny Leigh (saved in Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)
  • Daysia (won Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)

Team Legend:

  • Omar Jose Cardona
  • David Andrew
  • Peyton Aldridge
  • Kara McKee
  • Lana Love
  • Kim Cruse
  • Valerie Harding (won Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)
  • Emma Brooke (won Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)
  • Morgan Taylor (won Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)
  • Parijita Bastola (won Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)
  • The Marilynds (saved in Battle Round, moving on to Knockouts)

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