Drew Barrymore Gets Dating Advice From ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello gives advice to Drew Barrymore

The Drew Barrymore Show / YouTube Camila Cabello gives advice to Drew Barrymore

The newest “The Voice” coach, Camila Cabello, recently appeared on “The Drew Barrymore Show” to catch up with host Barrymore and talk about life, parenting, and dating.

Barrymore opened up about how it’s hard to admit she doesn’t know things, especially when she was a new parent. She says she has to ask a lot of people questions, and that it can be “sort of humiliating, because society makes you feel like, ‘You should know this. Do boundaries, do this, do that,’ and I was like ‘There’s a lot of stuff I haven’t learned.'”

Cabello tells Barrymore how she admires the host and actress’s vulnerability. Later in the interview, Barrymore also compliments the way Cabello is “vulnerable, and silly, and goofy, and it’s like: ‘How do you all of a sudden, out of nowhere also become the sexiest woman alive?'”

See their full interview, and hear Cabello tell Barrymore how she “channels sexiness” below.

Camila Cabello On How To ‘Channel Sexiness’

Barrymore and Cabello talk about how there are a lot of different ways to be “sexy”, and when asked how she channels this, the “Voice” coach shares her thoughts.

“It’s whatever makes you feel good,” Cabello says, “Screw society’s rules, you don’t have to date if you don’t want to, but you also can date if you- note even ‘date’, I feel like ‘date’ is the wrong word.”

The “Senorita” singer tells Barrymore that she believes the focus in dating should be on making new friends and forming new connections, and not forcing physical chemistry, but welcoming it if it appears. The two discuss how much pressure people put on first dates when they’d prefer to skip a sit-down dinner. They suggest taking a first date on a short walk, an ice cream trip, or inviting the date out with friends. That way, Cabello says, “if you guys smooch, then great. If you don’t, whatever, you had a fun time with your friends that you already know you like.”

Cabello also shared a skin care tip that her mother taught her, to put egg white on your face to make it feel tight.

Camila Cabello Calls ‘The Voice’ Team Member Her ‘Boyfriend’

Camila Cabello’s relationships, most notably with singer Shawn Mendes, have been followed publically for years. In the latest season of “The Voice”, the singer is teasing a relationship with one of the contestants, Jaeden Luke, with the two being very flirtatious with each other.

In Luke’s audition, Cabello’s team was already full, and she wasn’t able to turn her chair for the singer, however she tried to peek and told the singer, “your voice is so special,” and that she was already thinking about how she could steal him later in the competition. Luke admitted that he was singing his audition song, “Make It with You” by Bread, for Cabello.

Cabello made good on her promise to steal Luke during the Battle Round. After Luke and Bodie performed Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me”, the singer noted how sexy the performance was, and praised Luke’s voice, joking that she wanted him to sing directly into her ear and calling him her “boyfriend”.

After Luke lost his battle, both Cabello and coach Gwen Stefani used their Steal on Luke, and he chose to switch to team Camila.

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