Kelly Clarkson Comments on Blake Shelton’s ‘Ego’

Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton

Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen / The Voice / YouTube Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton

“The Voice” coaches Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton have always made jokes at the other’s expense, and although Shelton has officially retired from the show and Clarkson is stepping away for the foreseeable future to move her talk show to New York City, her June 27 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” proved some things never change.

Host Andy Cohen had Clarkson play a game called “Kelly’s Voice of Reason”, in which the “Because of You” singer was tasked with answering shady questions about some of the coaches she has worked with during her nine seasons on the singing competition show.

In response to the first question, “Who is the toughest to impress?” Clarkson decided, “Maybe me with Blake, it’s hard for me to impress him.”

A few questions later, Cohen asked “Who has the biggest ego?” and Clarkson asked in response, “Can I have a repeat? Blake.”

Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Fellow ‘Voice’ Coaches

Shelton is not the only “Voice” coach that Clarkson opened up about during her WWHL appearance. The singer also revealed that of the options given to her during the game, Ariana Grande gives the best hugs, Alicia Keys is the most intimidating, Nick Jonas is the biggest softie, John Legend has the best style, and Clarkson herself gets the most competitive when spinning her chair during Blind Auditions.

Cohen’s last question was “Who are you most likely to call when you need advice?” to which Clarkson said, “That depends on the advice. Like any ranch advice I obviously would text Blake, but hang-out advice, that would be a different vibe. You know what? I really want to go out with Chance [the Rapper] because he loves to do this karaoke thing that he tried to get me to go to a couple of times but […] I’ve got two kids, I’m a single parent, it’s hard.”

While Clarkson is still yet to do karaoke with Chance, she recently crashed a group of unsuspecting fans while they sang one of her songs on stage. On June 22, the night before her latest album, “Chemistry”, was released, Clarkson attended an album release event at a piano karaoke bar in New York City. Fans tweeted out a video of Clarkson approaching the stage while they were up singing her song “Behind These Hazel Eyes”. While the audience members turned their heads upon her entrance, Clarkson’s presence didn’t mess with the singers, who proceeded on without skipping a beat.

After surprising her fans in the audience, Clarkson joined some of them on stage, singing backup to her own songs.

Blake Shelton Said Kelly Clarkson ‘Didn’t Make It in Country Music’

Clarkson’s comment on Shelton’s ego is just one of many playful jabs the pair of friends has made toward each other over the years. In a February 2023 interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, Shelton made a joke that “You’re not crap in country music unless you have your own bulldozer”.

Later in the interview, after Shelton joked that Clarkson had him “fired” from “The Voice”, host Kimmel asked, “Does Kelly have a bulldozer?” to which Shelton replied, “She didn’t make it in country music. She’s a pop star, so she has a nice electric vehicle.”

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