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Niall Horan Talks About the ‘Important Subject’ of His Recent Single ‘Meltdown’

Heavy/NBC Niall Horan on The Voice Season 23

Niall Horan is approaching the release of his upcoming third solo album, “The Show,” that is set to drop on June 9. He has already put out two singles from the collection with the first being “Heaven.”

It’s the second single called “Meltdown” that “The Voice” coach is most eager to share because of its “important message.” In an interview with NBC Insider, Horan, who recently gave his thoughts on whether he’d turn for himself back on “The X Factor” or not, said that both songs offer a taste of what listeners can expect from the album.

Horan Says Meltdown Tackles a ‘Relative’ Topic

The lyrics to his song speak to anxiety and all of the thoughts a person can have going on inside. A look at the lyrics confirm this messaging, including one line about reminding people that things will get better, “One broken glass turns to total collapse / Just know this too shall pass.”

Horan said in the interview that it’s this type of reassurance that he wants to convey with the song.

“When you’re in that feeling, it’s hard to think of it like that,” he said. “But I felt like it was an important subject to talk about personally, and that people would be able to relate to that as well with all that’s going on in the world.”

The single came out on April 28. Horan promoted the song in an April 13 Instagram post where he added more context on what the song is all about.

“The song is basically about feeling anxious and being in that kind of freaking out moment but knowing deep down that everything will be alright.”

Horan Adds That He Goes Through Anxious Moments

Horan told NBC Insider that he has firsthand experience with moments like the ones he sings about in “Meltdown.” He said that whatever anyone deals with on the inside is all “very relative.”

“Some people deal with it on a big level and some people much smaller, like myself,” he said. “But I’ve definitely felt anxious and kind of just in that position where you’re really scared and worried. And then, knowing while it’s happening, knowing that everything will probably be OK.”

This is one of the main lyrics that pops up during the chorus as he stresses that everything will work out in the end, “When it all melts down, I’ll be there.” The song’s official lyric video on YouTube already has surpassed 483,000 views since releasing on April 28.

Niall Horan is Now Preparing for the Live Semifinals on ‘The Voice’

The first-year coach on “The Voice” will join Kelly Clarkson as the two coaches in the May 8 episode who will be cutting down their teams from five to two singers in preparation for the live semifinals. The live shows will then begin on May 15 with the Top 8 taking center stage.

Horan’s team currently has five performers remaining. He will have to decide between Ryley Tate Wilson, who received his Playoff Pass, Michael B., Gina Miles, Tasha Jessen, and Ross Clayton. The latter spoke with Heavy about the high praise he has for Horan as a coach on “The Voice.”

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