‘The Voice’ Finalist Has a Message For Latest Eliminated Singers

The bottom 4 semi-finalists learn their fate

The Voice / YouTube The bottom 4 semi-finalists learn their fate

“The Voice” semi-finals ended in the shocking eliminations of three contestants that many believed to be frontrunners: Team Legend’s Parijita Bastola and Kim Cruse, and Team Gwen’s Justin Aaron were all sent home after Team Legend’s Omar Jose Cardona won the final Instant Save of the season. Cardona will join Bryce Leatherwood, Bodie, and Brayden Lape of Team Blake along with Morgan Myles of Team Camila in the finale.

In a recent Instagram post, Bryce Leatherwood, who survived the fan vote to earn his spot in the finals, shared a parting message to all three of the eliminated contestants, and fans are loving to hear Leatherwood being such a “gentleman”.

See Leatherwood’s post and hear what he has to say to his departed competitors below.

Bryce Leatherwood Says Goodbye to Eliminated Semi-Finalists

Bryce Leatherwood wasted no time addressing the members of his “Voice” family who said goobye during last week’s semi-final results show in his Instagram post’s caption.

Leatherwood first wrote to Kim Cruse, saying, “you have one of the most powerful and unique female voices I have ever heard. You’re beautiful personality shines just as bright as your voice. Your talent is undeniable and I’m proud to say I know the incredible Kim Cruse.” Cruse responded to the post, commenting back to Leatherwood to say, “I love you B! For real! ✨❤️”

Next, Leatherwood wrote to Team Gwen’s Justin Aaron, writing, “I’ve never heard a singer literally shake a room, until I met you. Not only with singing, but you’ve been the glue that has held us all together. Through praying over us before every show, you’ve shown your faith in the most impactful way. You have brought me closer to my faith and I can’t thank you enough for that.”

Aaron shared a message of his own as well, telling Leatherwood, “brother you are such a light and you have such an old soul you are so seasoned thank you my life has forever been changed by knowing you I am so looking forward to working with you in the near future”.

Finally, Leatherwood addressed 17-year-old Parijita Bastola, calling her, “a once in a generational singer who stands for so much more than just your incredible voice. You will go on to inspire so many and I hope the world hears your story and gets to know you like I have.” Bastola followed Cruse and Aaron’s lead, commenting “Love you dearly Bryce 💌💌💌” and “thank you for being you”

Leatherwood ended his post with a message for all three, writing, “Love always wins, and I can’t thank you all for being my family. I will be singing in the Finale for all of you. God Bless”.

Fans Loved Leatherwood’s Message

Fans were crushed at this week’s semi-final eliminations, with some even calling the show “racist” after the only remaining white contestants survived the initial fan vote, leaving the only remaining people of color in the bottom four. For some of the many fans who were upset to see three very strong singers eliminated, Bryce Leatherwood’s message meant a lot.

“Wow Bryce 💖. Not many people, especially one your age, would share these thoughts, or express them so beautifully. It’s a glimpse into your heart; the heart behind the performances we love so much,” one fan commented on his Instagram post.

“We know the wonderful person you are and you just proved to everyone else once again you are genuine, grateful, and a true southern gentleman. Always pulling for you!! 🥰” another fan wrote.

“Beautifully said , all of these contestants are so amazingly talented. Everyone of them deserves to have beautiful careers and they will. You are also very deserving of being in the final five. Love your voice. 👌🔥🔥🔥” a third fan added.

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