10 Fun Socks for Men: Socks for Father’s Day

Fun socks for men


Fun socks for men have been a thing for several years now. There was a time, young’uns, when the rule was dark socks with dress shoes and white socks with sneakers. That was just how it went for guys when it came to sock wear. Evolution — and, perhaps, a desperate sense that things gotta get better in the men’s fashion department — took us from the plain blacks/blues/browns and whites to the low-cut athletic socks. That was a step in the right direction, but the focus was on athletic socks. Next up was the dress sock, which, in the 2000s, began to see the advent of colors, stripes, designs, etc. In a word, bold was in. Cool socks for men had arrived. Next up was fun socks. The trend continues and now, even, fun socks for men have an international ambassador.

The Canadian Prime Minister’s Fun Socks for Men

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, is known for his forward thinking policies and politics… and his good looks. (With apologies to the PM, we have to include the comment about his looks because everybody else does.) He’s a fashionable guy and, among other things, Mr. Trudeau has been noted for his sock game. Which is great. The guy knows how to have fun in the ankle department.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Creative Commons

He wears polka dots, he wears stripes and he wears designs. All sorts of designs. Recently, the Prime Minister was at the World Economic Forum wearing some rubber ducky socks (see item #7 below). At another recent meeting, he was wearing Chewbacca socks. Yes, socks with the image of the Star Wars character on them. He gets noticed for this because when was the last time anyone saw any international leader wearing anything fun? (President Obama’s dad pants notwithstanding.)

Besides his sock habits being remarkable because of his particular job, Mr. Trudeau shows that guys anywhere, in any job or context, can have some fun with socks.

Father’s Day Socks

Even though it’s a cliche to buy dad a pair of socks for Father’s Day (right up there with copping a tie), everyone now has complete freedom to get the fun socks for pops. It’s on-trend, it’s creative and, best of all, it’s fun. Wouldn’t your dad rather have some weed socks (see item #6) than a new hammer?

And to Go Sockless…

To sway for just a moment from the fun socks for men category, it’s a great idea to have some “invisible socks” for those times you need them — when you’re wearing shorts — chino shorts or cargo shorts — or linen pants, for example. We strongly suggest the no-show shoe liners. They’re like super low cut athletic socks, only they’re made specifically to not show and to wick away moisture and they’re a lighter fabric than socks. These babies from Thirty 48 are made of “Coolplus” fabric, which is a patented synthetic fiber designed to release hot air from your skin.

thirty48 mens no show shoe liners


Socks With A Cause

One quick word about something meaningful here. In putting this story together, I was surprised to learn — who wouldn’t be? — that there’s a sock maker out there with a very serious cause behind the business. TallOrder (see item #3) donates 10 percent of its profits to a great cause. They support the organization “Tuesday’s Children,” which supports families and first responders impacted by the terror attack on the World Trade Center. You can read more about it below.

But let’s get back on point and get to the list of 10 Fun Socks for Men: Socks for Father’s Day. Get ’em for dad, get ’em for yourself. Just get ’em!

1. Star Wars Chewbacca Crew Socks

Star Wars Chewbacca socks

New Horizon Production

These are them. The cool socks for men that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was recently seen wearing. There are other versions of fun socks for men that feature Fuzzball’s image (remember when Han called Chewie “fuzzball?”). This pair is from New Horizons Production, a family owned and operated business. New Horizons calls these “360 crew socks,” meaning the design goes all the way around, it’s not just on the front of the sock. If you’re looking for Father’s Day socks — and dad happens to be a Star Wars guy — these are as good as that shot Luke made when he took out the Death Star. If you really want to impress dad — and he’s really a Star Wars guy — Sock Shop has a 5-pack that separately features R2, C3PO, Han, Yoda and Chewbacca on each pair. Whatever you get, remember: May the Force Be With You and D’un ocean a l’autre!

Price: $13.95

Buy the Star Wars Chewbacca Crew Socks here.

2. Fine Fit Tacos & Chilis 2-Pack Socks

fine fit tacos and chilis 2-pack socks

Fine Fit

You know about dad’s history with tacos: he’s never met a taco he didn’t devour. Or, what makes this a great pair of cool socks for men is the fact that if dad hates tacos, the socks serve as a good conversation piece. After all, isn’t that part of the reason guys wear men’s novelty socks? To stir things up a bit? With this one, you get two pairs of socks. One of them has the tacos and taco cart on it, the other has a Mariachi dude with guitar, surrounded by chili peppers. Fine Fit has a massive array of fun socks for men: at least 33 different two-packs, each with unique, fun designs on them. The socks are 80 percent cotton, 15 percent poly and five percent Spandex. A bonus to Fine Fit’s socks: they come with a nice paper band wrapped around each pair. They look good on arrival and are gift-ready. If you or pops prefer a good burger over a taco, check out the Socksmith “Good Burger” pair.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Fine Fit Tacos & Chilis Socks here.

3. TallOrder Fabulous Star “The Stuie” Socks

tallorder fabulous star the stuie socks


As I mentioned in the intro, TallOrder is a unique sock maker because they’ve got a cause — a great cause — that each purchase helps support. More on that after we talk about the socks.

TallOrder’s socks are all made to fit big feet: shoe sizes 12-20. Brothers Mike and Dan Friedman, who are 6’9″ and 6’11”, created their company with its big-socks focus because the dudes have big feet and they knew how frustrating it can be to find the right socks when you’ve got the big boats. (They sent me a pair to try out and right from the get-go, I was very pleased because the socks slid so easily onto my size 13’s.) Beyond that, the socks are good looking — they’re designed using 3D printing technology. They’re not funny socks, but TallOrder has several different designs — all pretty wild and definitely qualifiers for the “fun socks for men” category. This pair of socks is named after a close friend of the brothers’ dad. Which brings us to more on the meaning behind TallOrder.

The company was started by the brothers (twins) who, tragically, lost their father in the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center. Out of that tragedy, a non-profit named “Tuesday’s Children” was created to help families and first responders. The Brothers Friedman, in honor of their father Andrew Friedman, give 10 percent of their company’s (TallOrder) profits to “Tuesday’s Children.” You can read a lot more about the company — including an interesting explanation about the company logo — at TallOrder.com.

Price: $15

Buy the TallOrder Fabulous Star “The Stuie” Socks here.

4. Ben Franklin $100 Bill Socks

Ben Franklin 100 dollar Bill Socks


You gotta be — or dad’s gotta be — money to wear these fun socks for men. From Zmart, the socks are, basically, a replica of the $100 bill. The front of the bill — Benjamin Franklin’s face — is on the front of the sock and the back of the sock features the image of Independence Hall, which is on the reverse side of the hundo. The socks are 75 percent cotton, 20 percent poly and five percent Spandex. Zmart has a ton of different designs for their cool socks for men. When you cop these for pops, tell him, “Dad, you’re so special, I got you a pair of Father’s Day socks and two hundred dollar bills.”

Price: $10.99

Buy the Ben Franklin $100 Bill Socks here.

5. Peanut Butter & Jam Men’s Funny Socks

peanut butter & jam mens funny socks

Danial Burpe

I might be a bit obsessed with the food-theme socks, but who isn’t obsessed with food? And if you’re looking for Father’s Day socks, this would be great because there’s something childlike about these PB&J socks. Each sock in this pair is different but kinda the same: the peanut butter sock has the Jif peanut butter jar on the front and the Smucker’s jelly jar on the back, while the other sock is jelly on front, peanut butter on back. That fact that they’re PB&J makes them funny socks and the fact that they depict very recognizable brands is also fun. They’re 80 percent poly, 20 percent cotton. These come in two sizes: medium fits shoe sizes 7-12 and large fits shoe sizes 12-14. From Danial Burpe, which has at least 36 other designs you can browse.

Price: $11.99

Buy the Peanut Butter & Jam Men’s Funny Socks here.

6. Green Pot Luck Fun Socks

green pot luck marijuana leaf fun socks

K. Bell

Gather ’round, kids, and we’ll tell you about a time when fun socks for men like these — with marijuana leaves all over them — would have been taboo and probably impossible to find. Now, with weed being legal in so many states, these socks are a way to fly your weed-loving flag proudly and with style. They’re from K. Bell and they feature different shades of green-colored leaves all over the sock, with the exception of the ribbed trim. They’re cotton/nylon/Spandex. K. Bell offers 11 different styles of socks, one of which features a hand in the shape of a bird. If the weed’s not your thing, maybe this pair of cool socks for men that feature different cocktails on them will be.

Price: $7.99 and up (depending on style selected)

Buy the Green Pot Luck Fun Socks here.

7. Rubber Ducky Fun Socks

rubber ducky fun socks

K. Bell

Another pair of fun socks for men that was recently sported by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. If he can wear them at the World Economic Forum, you can cop them and rep them anywhere. Whereas the Prime Minister’s were a purple shade, these are a light blue with the classic rubber ducky all over, with the exception of the red toe and heel. This is another pair from K. Bell and these are 49 percent Pima cotton, 48 percent nylon and three percent Spandex. Maybe you — or dad, if you’re thinking of these as Father’s Day socks — are anti-ducky. In that case, the ducks-in-a-shooting-gallery socks from Socksmith might be your gig.

Price: $3.71 and up (depending on selection)

Buy the Rubber Ducky Fun Socks here.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


8. Narwhal Socks by Neon Eaters

narwhal whale socks by neon eaters

Neon Eaters

These fun socks for men could be called “double-take” socks because it’s going to take someone a minute to figure out that they’re not just blue socks with designs, but they’ve got narwhals swimming all over them. The narwhal is a whale that’s known as the “unicorn of the sea” because of its single long tusk that protrudes a few feet out of its mouth. As for the socks, they come in royal blue or light blue, both with the grey narwhal and its white tusk. Like any good fun sock, these are good conversation pieces and it’s an opportunity to quiz people on their knowledge of aquatic mammal species. A good go-with is the narwhal dabbing t-shirt, where the whale is — you guessed it — dabbing. Let’s face it: who has a narwhal anywhere on their clothing? You!

Price: $10.99

Buy the Narwhal Socks by Neon Eaters here.

9. Peeling Out Fun Socks

banana peeling out fun socks

Sock It To Me

These are almost literally cool socks for men because they feature a banana wearing shades on a skateboard. (They’re called “peeling out” socks — get it? Banana. Peel. Nice!) The socks have green fabric and the ‘nana is yellow and he’s wearing black and white Chucks on a pink skateboard. The hem, heel and toe are black. From the funny peeps at Sock It To Me.

Price: $11.50

Buy the Peeling Out Fun Socks here.

10. Socksmith Men’s Trout Crew Socks

socksmith mens trout crew socks


These fun socks for men are a great Father’s Day gift for the angler out there. The main fabric of the socks — 70 percent cotton, 27 percent nylon and three percent Lycra — is in a “parrot green” color and there are several very colorful red/green/blue/yellow trout swimming about. Staying in the fish them, check out these goldfish socks from Good Luck Sock or these “shark attack” beauties from Socksmith.

Price: $9.99

Buy the Socksmith Men’s Trout Crew Socks here.

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