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21 Men’s Summer Shirts for the Ultimate Casual Look

Summer is a great time to spend some clothes cash without any guilt. After all, it’s a new season and you gotta look good. Stay cool and look crazy styling with some of the best men’s summer shirts on the planet. Below, discover the best men’s summer shirts for a casual look that will turn heads and keep you looking fresh from June to August and every other month as well.

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When you talk about copping a shirt for warmer weather, it's natural to think of short sleeves. With some itty-bitty exceptions, all the shirts shown are short sleeves. There are several different styles of men's casual short sleeve shirts to choose from and we've got the basics covered here:

  • Rolled Sleeves
  • Popovers
  • Plaids
  • Polos
  • Henleys
  • Hawaiians (BE CAREFUL HERE!)
  • Button downs
  • T-Shirts

Color continues to be on-trend in men's fashion, and we're still along for the ride. For each shirt, we've picked a great color, but make sure you check out the links because just about every one of the shirts shown comes in a wider assortment of colors.

A key to all these shirts is that they can all be worn untucked for a more casual look. But the good thing is that just about all of them can be tucked in when you need to up the game a little.

Don't forget the belt when you do. Because summertime is usually casual time, lean more toward an unbuttoned approach -- not all the way, but just the top few. All these shirts lend themselves to that vibe.

So feel good about spending your hard-earned because you'll look great in any of these joints from our list of the best men's summer shirts above.