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17 Best Men’s Summer Boots for 2023: Your Ultimate List

It might seem a bit counterintuitive, but wearing boots in the summer is a great idea. Sure, pop on the flip-flops or other casual summer shoes: it makes perfect sense. But the fact is that there are gonna be times you need some men’s summer boots. Discover the best of the best summer boots for 2023 in your ultimate list below.

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The history of chukka boots can actually be traced to South African soldiers wearing them when stationed in Burma in the 1940s.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, Nathan Clark saw the boots and created his own prototype. In 1947, Clark introduced the world to a shoe design he called Desert Boots. Clarks' Desert Boots were born, and industry followed. The Desert Boot is, generally, associated with Clarks, but wherever you see a desert boot (or something like it), it is a bonafide chukka.

Men's summer boots are defined by a lighter touch. For our list, we're avoiding the heavier boots that often have a warm lining, etc. Instead, we're focusing on chukka boots that are made of lighter materials -- there are some canvas versions in the list -- or lighter leather.

Just because it's Miami Beach outside doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the boots until Minneapolis. You can look good and feel good in your men's summer boots. And the truth about all these boots is that they'll work any time of the year.

If you are going to wear them in some weather, it's probably a good idea to hit the canvas or suede models with a little bit of Scotchgard if they're not already waterproof.

Each style shown is in a great color but just about every one of these models comes in a wider assortment of colors, and we make note of that. Be sure to check the links. Also, if you're shoe shopping for something other than chukka boots, check out the links at the very bottom of the list for some other footwear options.

* A "chukka" is a period of play in the game of polo. They're seven-and-a-half minute periods and there are usually six of them in a polo match. It's also called a "chukker," which ain't to be confused with the bird, "chukar." And don't chuck this list. Share it!