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17 Best Dresses for Older Women With Style

Recently, I had a conversation with my mom that was surprising, to say the least. She’s always been a bit of a fashion maven, and even at 90, she is “put together” every day, without exception. I love to buy her clothes, because she’s creative and daring, and she loves to wear colors, although black has always been one of her big wardrobe staples.

Many older women love to wear beautiful dresses, and that’s what led to me writing this post. There’s sure to be a dress that’s just right for you or the woman you’re shopping for. Here are my picks for the Best Dresses for Older Women. If you’re looking for gifts for all the older women on your list, we’ve got some really terrific ideas.

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According to mom, and many, many of her friends, it's hard to find age-appropriate dresses for older women. She and her girlfriends head for the mall, with hundreds of dollars in their purses, and come home, having not found a single dress to buy. According to these elderly women, "they are all way too short, too low cut, and too revealing."

Many senior women have a decent amount of disposable income, so it's curious as to why they are so underserved from a fashion perspective. These women care a great deal about how they look, and no matter what their age, they want to look great. They're willing, ready and often do spend money on beauty products from moisturizers to makeup. That's because those products are abundant and available. But when it comes to finding pretty, fun and functional clothes, designers have totally left them off the priority list.

Mom gave me a list of the key considerations for good dresses for older women. For the most part, dresses for seniors should have hemlines that fall below their knees. They'd prefer to have cap sleeves over sleeveless, but short sleeves or longer sleeves were considered best, as they'd like to keep their jiggly underarms to themselves.

When it comes to older women's clothing, they'd prefer fabrics that are easy care and easy wear. Convenience and budget are both compromised if they have to dry clean everything. And their bottom line is - they want dresses that are stylish, not frumpy.

If that same request list fits the bill for you, or if you're shopping for a special gift for your mom or grandma, I've found some of the best dresses for older women, and they're gorgeous. Most are washable and very affordable. Don't be fooled by the fact that they're being worn by mostly skinny young models, something that totally frustrated me in my search.

Please know, that even if these dresses don't look quite long enough, most models stand at least 5'10" tall. That means the hemlines are likely to fall well below the knee, on a woman of average height. This selection includes wrap dresses and sheaths, swing dresses and special occasion dresses, midis and maxi dresses.

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