35 Best Gifts for Seniors: Your Ultimate List (2018)

There’s something I love about people as they get older. It seems they become more pragmatic, and a little less concerned with sentimentality. They say what they mean and they mean what they say. So a discussion about the kinds of gifts for seniors that were the most appealing, and an interview with several dozen of them, led me to realize that they’ve got a lifetime of collectibles, appliances, cute coffee mugs and clothes.

They don’t want more stuff. They want practical presents that will make their lives easier, safer and healthier, or at minimum, more functional. In that spirit, this very matter of fact gift post is written with no filters. If you can’t handle the bluntness of some of these items, I promise you, they were vetted with 80 and 90 year olds, who unequivocally said these items would definitely make their lives happier and better. Serious stuff here, with no fluff.

As my 86 year old mom often tells me, “getting old isn’t for sissies.” She’s right. Gifts for elderly friends and family members often involve home improvements that will increase their safety. But there are also some items related to personal care and good hygiene that you’d want your aging parents and grandparents to have, and even a few you might want to get for yourself right now.

These practical presents are all about quality of life for your precious, aging loved ones. Before you take the easy way out with yet another gift card, check out our 35 Best Gifts for Seniors for the stuff they’ll really appreciate, each and every day. And if your folks have a tougher time getting around, be sure to check our link at the bottom of this post, for a selection of the best mobility scooters that can make their lives both more functional and fun.

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35 Listed Items
  • Lutron Motion Sensor Light Switch

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    As your parents get older, seeing in the dark can present real safety issues. Lutron’s sensors effectively detect any motion, so they automatically turn lights on when your parents enter a space and turn them off when they leave. Not only does this make them a convenient way to save energy, but they also add simple automation to the home.

    These would be a terrific gift for your aging parents to help them navigate dark rooms and hallways as their eyesight and footing diminish. Also, consider adding stick on LED lights to their switchplates that also shine down on the floor.

    Extra light is great, no matter your age, and this illuminating little gift could prevent a dangerous fall. Indoor/outdoor motion sensor LED lights are also great to place around front porch steps and indoor stairways.

    Another great way to illuminate an older person’s living space is to replace outlet covers with SnapPower Guidelights. The SnapPower Guidelight is a plug-and-play replacement for standard plug-in night lights and hardwired lights.

    SnapPower is designed to look like a standard outlet cover by day, with beautiful LEDs that provide ambient lighting at night. It installs within seconds and requires no wires or batteries.

  • Cosco Lightweight Folding Steel Single Step Stool

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    Does your mom or dad sometimes pull a wobbly chair over to a counter and then climb on it to reach something? Mine do, and frankly it scares the heck out of me. Now you can get them a serious step up that’s also stable and safe footing to help them reach those high cupboards or anything else they’re trying to get their hands on.

    This nifty one-step, lightweight folding stool from Cosco would make a wonderful gift for parents of any age, because it’s so portable, and at only three pounds, they can pick it up and set it down anywhere. It easily holds an adult on stable footings, with no wobble.

    It fits well into narrow spaces. I keep mine between my stove and the cabinet next to it. This is a terrific, inexpensive gift for older women or men. If you think they may need more than one step, check out the Cosco two step folding stool, or there’s also a handy sit down high stool with a pull out step.

    Folding stools come in so many heights and styles, you can find exactly what they need right here.

  • Dreambell Magnetic Necklace Clasp

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    As we get older, our dexterity often suffers. So if you’ve noticed that your mom isn’t wearing her necklaces anymore, it could be because she has a hard time fastening them. These super simple magnetic jewelry clasp converters make fastening necklaces and bracelets a snap.

    These fasteners use powerful magnets to snap together mom’s jewelry, and she can do it without having to fumble and fuss with a tiny spring ring clasp. These are especially great gifts for older women who suffer from arthritis or other medical issues that cause diminished fine motor skills.

    The next time you’re looking to buy a gift for mom, get her as many of these magnetic clasps as she needs to be able to wear all her favorite jewelry pieces, without a struggle to hook them. While these clasps are 14k gold filled, you can also get the clasps in sterling silver and you can buy multi-packs as well.

  • No Drill Shower Grab Bar

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    Getting into and out of the shower can present real safety issues as your parents and elderly loved ones get on in years. But often, they don’t want to mar their beautiful tub or shower tile or marble with a drill in style grab bar. These super duty, suction cup, no drill grab bars are an excellent choice to ensure there won’t be any slipping and falling when they’re getting into or out of the bath.

    These are super easy to install, with no tools required, so it would be great to get several, for each of their bathrooms, and don’t forget to get a set for your house to use when your folks come to stay. They even have a safety indicator to let you know when they’re installed properly, so you don’t have to sweat any mistakes.

    If you’d prefer a grab bar that’s not hinged, you can also find straight grab bars as well. In addition, don’t forget to get them an excellent suction cup non-slip tub mat that will make sure they have steady footing once they’re inside the bath or shower.

  • Squatty Potty Bathroom Toilet Stool

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    People were made to squat, but that gets more difficult with age, as does pooping. Older women and men often suffer from constipation due to limited activity, as well as hemorrhoids from years of heavy lifting, having babies and more. Sitting to poop is bad for efficiency, inflames hemorrhoids, creates unnecessary straining, and, in general, is hard on your behind.

    The human body relies on a bend in the colon (where your poop lives) and the anus (where your poop says “hi”) to keep everything stored until it’s time to do your business. The Puborectalis muscle helps keep your poop in place by kinking your colon (like a garden hose) when you’re sitting or standing.

    This is helpful for when you’re sitting and don’t want to poop, but unhelpful for when you’re sitting and do want to poop. The colon’s sweet spot comes with the squat. This is the only position where the Puborectalis muscle fully relaxes, which straightens the kink and allows for a complete elimination without any straining.

    The Squatty Potty is an awesome and functional present for parents, or your grandparents too. But honestly, it’s better for your whole family, no matter how old you are. Because everyone poops, isn’t it time to poop the very best you can?

    You can also get a single Squatty Potty if they only need one. And let’s face it, poop stinks. Get them some Squatty Potty Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray with powerful nano-particles to eat up that bad odor before the smell becomes unbearable.

  • Adjustable Folding Cane with LED Light and Cushioned Handle

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    Not all canes are created equal, just ask anyone who has to use a cane or a walking stick. And not all seniors want to use their cane all the time. They might just want to pull it out when they’re getting a little tired after a long day of walking or standing. This folding cane is unique in so many ways. First, it folds small enough to stash in a large purse or shopping bag, so whether your mom or dad needs it, it’s easy to access.

    Next, this cane is completely adjustable to each person’s specific height. No worry about getting something to small or too tall. Another benefit, is this cane has a super soft, padded handle, which can offer real relief to arthritic hands. It also comes with an anti-marking rubber tip that helps your mom and dad avoid slips and falls, without leaving those nasty black marks on their tile or linoleum floors.

    But the really cool thing about this folding cane is that it also has an LED flashlight built into the handle, so if your parents are headed to their car after shopping or any other outdoor activity, they can adjust the light to illuminate the sidewalk ahead of them, or they can aim it directly at the car door making for easier unlocking and entry. This cane is super popular with users who give it close to a five star rating for its great functionality and usability.

  • Ettore Grip’n Grab Reach Tool

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    Bending, stooping and reaching, it all gets harder as people age. Getting a tight grip on something small like a piece of paper can be equally frustrating. This tool, with an ergonomically designed pistol trigger and handle, is super easy to use and provides maximum comfort.

    The plastic handle and jaw, with an aluminum metal body structure, is durable and lightweight to minimize hand and arm fatigue. The rubberized jaws grab and hold even the smallest of objects. The articulating head turns 90 degrees, making it simpler to reach into tight and awkward spaces.

    If you want to get them a grabber for multiple rooms, get a two pack.

  • Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

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    If your parents still love to cook, naturally you’re probably worried about them burning their fingers or hands. This awesome induction cooktop from Secura plugs in and sits right on the countertop. Induction cooking uses technology that allows their pan and food to heat up, while the burner stays cool and doesn’t burn their hands.

    With 15 different settings, and a programmable countdown timer, this cooktop also automatically detects when a pan is set on the burner. In case they get distracted and forget to put a pan on the burner, it will automatically shut off in 60 seconds.

    They key to making this a great gift for seniors, or anyone else, is to get them some induction compatible cookware. If they cook a lot, you might want to get them a large set of induction pots and pans that can be used on the stove and on their regular cooktop. If they only do a small amount of cooking, a smaller set of pans will do the trick.

  • Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

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    As we get older, taking care of feet gets harder. More calluses, and less ability to reach our feet. If you’re looking for a great gift to assist with personal care issues, give your parents or an elderly friend a great electric foot file to take care of their difficult dry skin on heels and toes, as well as the calluses on their feet that frequently cause discomfort.

    The Amopé Pedi Perfect Foot File can help them maintain soft feet without expensive pedicures. This handy tool is simple and effortless to use. With the ergonomically shaped soft touch handle, very little pressure is required, and there’s no difficult twisting or turning needed to tackle the thick, rough skin on feet and heels.

    Used regularly, this home pedicure will become a foot care joy for older folks, rather than a foot care chore. Clipping nails becomes another difficult task as parents get older. Another great gift addition to their foot care regimen is an electric nail file.

    And to give them a relaxing, spa like experience that also makes using their callus shaver more effective, a foot massager and soaker is a great gift idea any time of the year.

  • Etekcity Digital Kitchen Timer Two Pack

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    My mom loves to bake bread, but her hearing has diminished a bit and when she’s in the living room reading a book, she often doesn’t hear the oven timer in the kitchen signalling that her bread has finished baking. These large LED readout kitchen timers were the perfect solution to her problem.

    These make a terrific, thoughtful and inexpensive gifts for seniors who want to keep track of the time, whether they’re exercising, baking or simply wanting to remember when the clothes are finished up in the dryer. This timely two pack makes a perfect small gift for Grandparents Day, Mother’s Day or any other holiday or birthday.

    It’s an incredibly affordable gift idea that your parents or elderly friends will just love. These timers have a loud and clear alarm, but one that’s not deafening. And they’re so portable with their own little stand back to set on a table or nightstand, plus they’re small enough to slip in a pocket.

    Another good small gift idea is an oven thermometer to let them check the accuracy of their oven temperature. And another must have for the kitchen, is a digital instant read thermometer so they can easily make sure their meats are properly cooked.

  • Conair Instant Heat Hot Curl Brush

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    It doesn’t matter their age, women like to have beautiful hair. It does, indeed, get more difficult though as they get older. Hair thins, and using a “devil hot” curling iron is a guarantee of burned hair, singed neck or ears, and fried fingertips. The solution, according to the women over 80 that I surveyed, is to get a curling iron with brushes.

    It holds thinning hair in place and keeps the hot barrel from burning skin and hair. Conair’s instant heat hot curling brush uses smart technology for stabilized heat during styling, creating long-lasting, medium-to-loose curls and waves. It also keeps hair from tangling and helps prevent static. It prevents frizz and creates a shiny, smooth finish.

    Don’t laugh, but my mom is known to do her hair before she even gets out of bed some mornings. If your mom’s got shorter hair and prefers tighter curls, get her the smaller barrel curling brush. Both options feature a handy auto-off feature, which will give you a little added peace of mind.

    Why not give your mom or grandma the gift of beautiful hair with this easy to use hair tool, and some personal coaching from you on how to use it? Because grey and white hair tends to be brittle and get frizzy more easily, another help for her hair is a heat protectant styling spray. A root boosting spray can also give her hair lift and volume, which is a benefit for thinning or lifeless hair.

  • LED Lytes Flameless Candles

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    Candles are a lovely and relaxing way to create a warm ambiance in any room, but as people get older, they aren’t always good about remembering to blow them out before bed. Scary thought, right? That’s when LED candles are such a blessing and give you some added peace of mind. These awesome LED candles feature a realistic flickering flame.

    They are made of real wax, and still give a natural candle appearance, while assuring the safety you desire for your aging friends and family. Plus, they come with an easy on and off remote control, so seniors will find them super simple to use regularly. To add extra sparkle to their mantle, dining table or dresser, LED tea lights are a wonderful decorating solution.

    If you’re looking for gifts for older women and men, an addition to their home decor is always appreciated. We think these wall sconces with LED candles would add a beautiful touch to any room.

  • Hog Wild Peeramid Bookrest

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    One of the gifts of getting older is having the time to read all the books you want. The next time you’re in search of a great gift idea for the seniors on your list, give them the gift that gives their arms a rest from holding heavy books, but still let’s them have all the joy of tackling those epic tomes.

    A lap or bed bookrest is a great gift for those avid readers on your list who still prefer a traditional book to reading on a  Fire HD 10 or Kindle Paperwhite. While both of those devices do make terrific Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift ideas, they also require some knowledge of technology which isn’t always abundant in the over 80 crowd. After all, they didn’t grow up as digital natives.

    This bookrest is a comfy way for them to read in their recliner, on the couch, or even in bed, and it will definitely hit the sweet spot for those book lovers on your gift list. Another companion gift that makes reading so much clearer as eye sight dims, is an easy to use book light that clips right onto whatever book they’re reading.

  • Uninex Outlet Lighted Foot Switch Extension Cord

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    This nifty gift idea for seniors is all about ease of operation, not just for lights around the Christmas tree, but for use throughout the year. Imagine how simple it would be for an elderly man or woman to simply turn on the tree, floor lamps or any other lights around the house with the simple tap of a toe.

    This nine foot, three outlet cord can make bending and stooping a thing of the past, and will make a perfect and affordable present for your aging parents or friends. Another cool gift idea along these same lines is a remote control outlet that allows them to plug in three different lamps or other electrical appliances and they can power up whatever they’d like, with a quick click of the remote.

  • Jerdon 8-Inch Wall Mount Lighted Magnifying Mirror

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    A really awesome gift for seniors is a lighted magnifying mirror for their bathroom. This fog free, two-sided circular mirror has an eight-inch diameter face, and features a smooth 360-degree swivel design that provides 1x and 5x magnification options to make sure your elderly relatives can see all the needed details as they get ready for their day.

    From ease of shaving, to perfect hair and makeup, these mirrors make terrific gifts for older men, as well as women, because sight can get fuzzy with age. An on/off rotary knob on the oval base activates the halo lighting around the perimeter of the mirror when needed, and it’s soft enough to act as a great nightlight in the bathroom.

    The extension arm and smooth rotation adjusts to all angles for a dynamic point of view. This bathroom mirror has an attractive nickel finish that protects against moisture and condensation. If they can’t install this mirror, or you’re not around to do it for them, consider a vanity magnifying mirror they can use while sitting down.

    And if they don’t have a vanity, you can give them a suction cup magnifying mirror that simply sticks right on their regular bathroom or closet mirror, and can easily be taken along for travel.

  • iRobot Roomba 890 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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    Nearly every senior citizen I talked to said that the iRobot Roomba was the best invention for seniors, EVER. They rave about its ease, thoroughness, and its ability to get into places they can no longer vacuum, like under beds and tables and chairs. Honestly, they often think of their Roomba as kind of a worry free pet.

    And let’s be honest, as people age, keeping up with the household chores gets a whole lot more difficult. This is an ideal gift that lets them clean their floors every single day, if they so desire. It features the revolutionary AeroForce Cleaning System, with up to five times the air power and it requires less maintenance.

    They just press the clean button for on demand vacuuming, or they can schedule Roomba to run up to seven days a week. Roomba works on all floor types, and at just 3.6 inches tall, is specifically designed to fit under most furniture, beds and kickboards.

    If they do like to clean daily, consider getting them a replacement power supply and some additional HEPA filters.

  • Body Buddy Non-Absorbent Lotion Applicator

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    Not only does your skin get drier with age, reaching that dry skin with softening lotion gets harder and harder, especially on your back. In fact, that’s an area that’s tough to reach no matter how old you are. The Body Buddy is a terrific gift for seniors that is super easy to use.

    The lotion applicator “band” provides the extra reach necessary to apply skincare products to one’s own back and any other hard-to-reach areas. They can use the non-absorbent lotion applicator to apply sunscreen, rub in aloe to soothe sunburned skin, or simply to rub in moisturizing lotions and creams.

    It can also be used for any condition of the skin. They can topically apply prescription medication to treat psoriasis, or skin conditions due to complications from medications, radiation therapy or general skin care needs. The Body Buddy is made from a soft vinyl. Unlike a sponge on a stick, it does not absorb product and has no replacement parts or pads.

    It is machine washable and can be tumbled dry. Between uses, they can simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth. To make this a perfect present, get your senior some extra emollient lotions and pain relieving creams to help clear up any dry skin and ward off arthritic aches and pains.

  • FoodSaver 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

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    Most older people are budget conscious, and they like to buy food in bulk when they can. The problem is, being able to use, or preserve, that food before it spoils. That’s why the FoodSaver vacuum sealing system is a perfect gift for seniors. The FoodSaver System takes the guesswork out of smart shopping, and they reap all the savings, by safely sealing and freezing meats, cheeses, vegetables, even soups and sauces.

    FoodSaver bags and rolls are designed to give them easy storage while saving money. Another benefit of using the FoodSaver is that once air is removed, food takes up less storage space in the fridge, freezer and cupboards. All FoodSaver bags and rolls are Sous Vide safe, so they can simmer their homemade soups and sauces without worry.

    It’s great for cereals, nuts and dry goods as well. The multi-layer bags keep air out and minimize freezer burn keeping flavors fresh, and foods nutrient rich. FoodSaver also makes vacuum seal containers to use on smaller items that they want to keep fresh in the refrigerator.

  • Zip My Dress Premium Zipper Puller

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    There’s just no denying it, many women in their senior years, love to wear dresses. But one of the most frustrating circumstances of doing so, might be trying to get zipped up if that dress has a zipper in the back. These cool gadgets make great gifts for older women, because they make it easy for them to zip up any dress by themselves.

    The clamping style clip securely holds to any style zipper with no slipping, and the clip’s plastic insert prevents damage to decorative zippers. This nifty gift idea is designed to hang in her closet, but it’s easy to roll up so she can take it traveling too, because it comes with a clever carrying bag.

    This zipper puller comes in black and three other fun colors, so pick her fave and order it now. It’s especially excellent if she’s got somewhat limited mobility. As fine motor skills diminish with age, another great gift for your elderly mom or dad is a button hook assist.

  • Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite+ Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

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    It’s a well known fact that good oral hygiene leads to better overall physical health. One huge step in that healthy direction is the Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite+. It offers dynamic brushing action to provide gentle, effective cleaning that reaches between teeth and along the gumline with up to 31,000 brush strokes per minute.

    Especially important for seniors and older people, they can experience healthier gums within two weeks of regular use. The Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite+ removes up to 100 percent more stains, and seven times more plaque from hard-to-reach places than manual brushing.

    Your parents or grandparents can look forward to better cleanings, healthier gums and more vibrant smiles with this awesome present. In fact, if you haven’t gotten a Sonicare yet, this is the time to get one for yourself. Be sure to get them extra brush heads, as it’s best to replace them every four to six months. To keep germs at bay, you can even get a Philips Sonicare with a UV brush cleaner attached to the charger.

  • Pretty Paisley Pink & Black Fashionable, Functional Walker Bag

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    Every woman loves a pretty handbag, but if your mom, grandma or elderly lady friend uses a mobility device like a walker, carrying a purse simply isn’t the safest idea. That doesn’t mean she has to give up her fashionable flair. With this pretty walker bag, she’ll have plenty of storage for her wallet, keys, or other necessities, as well as her folding cane.

    Made in vibrant colors, with pretty decorative trims, these 15 inch by 12 inch bags securely attach with easy hook and loop velcro tabs. They’re super simple to open, and the back pocket provides quick access to a cell phone, keys or glasses. The spacious interior is lined with premier cotton and has two pockets that are highly visible and easily accessible.

    This bag works well on walkers, but can also be used with thin armed power chairs, medical scooters and transport wheelchairs. These bags come in bright floral patterns and animal prints too.

  • Prodyne Beechwood Butcher Block Cheese Slicer

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    If you’ve ever watched an elderly friend or relative pull out a knife to slice cheese, it struck fear in your heart, did it not? Having recently witnessed this activity with my mom, I immediately ordered her this cheese slicer. Believe me, while many look similar, the Prodyne cheese slicer is a cut above.

    This nifty butcher block style cheese cutter features a tightly fitted, long lasting stainless steel wire that beautifully glides through both hard and soft cheeses, to give uniform slices with no danger of cutting hands or fingers.

    Even more importantly, the wire is completely replaceable, so this is one gift for seniors that will last as long as they do. Send them a delicious gift box of Wisconsin cheeses, so they can break in their cheese cutter right away.

  • Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw

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    As people age, their internal sense of hot and cold is magnified, and for many, feeling chilly is pretty darned uncomfortable. This sweet heated plush throw is a perfect gift for seniors. They can get cozy and stay warm in the super softness of microplush, with this snuggle-worthy heated throw from Sunbeam.

    The Thermofine warming system senses and adjusts to deliver consistent warmth for hours. The lighted controller offers three different warming settings, and to give both of you peace of mind, it also features a three-hour auto shut-off. This pretty plush blanket is also easy care – it’s washer and dryer safe once the cord is disconnected.

    If your senior prefers a heated throw with a little more heft, the Reversible Sherpa/Mink Heated Throw is a nice, cozy option. If they happen to live in a warmer climate, a lightweight acrylic throw is a terrific choice too.

  • Wireless Wallet & Key Locator Set

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    You don’t have to be an elderly person to misplace your keys, wallet or purse around the house. If that’s a situation you’d like to relieve your mom, dad or elderly friend of, this affordable and effective key and wallet finder make great gifts for old people like you and your parents.

    With one locator, and two receivers that attach to key rings, or can be slipped into whatever regularly needs finding, you can help eliminate their frustration and worry. These are super easy to hear at a distance, with a loud beep sound at 75-90 decibels. It is even effective through walls, floors, cushions and leather, up to a distance of 130 feet.

    There’s no need for a smartphone or complicated app, because with one press of a button, the receivers start beeping. If your senior is still driving, you can help them eliminate busy parking lot confusion with the nonda ZUS Connected Car Locator App.

  • Homia Single Serve Coffee Maker

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    For seniors who love just one good cup of Joe in the morning, this clever, single serving coffee maker is a perfect gift idea. Its lightning fast brewing time is a huge bonus. No waiting is required. Simply turn it on, and push the button to make either a small or large cup of coffee.

    The steaming brew starts filling your cup almost immediately, and is finished in a matter of three minutes. It’s compatible with any K cups, plus it comes with three individual filters that they can use with their own preferred ground coffee.

    The simple water container is easy to fill, and because it’s small, not too heavy for older or arthritic hands. The removable drip tray is simple to clean and this coffee maker also allows them to use their favorite coffee mugs up to 5.5 inches in height.

    You might want to give them a variety of coffees, ciders and cocoas in pre-measured K cups to get them started with using the unit.

  • Step2 Garden Hopper

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    If you’ve got an aging mom, dad or other special person who still loves to get out in the garden, this handy rolling garden seat is an absolute lifesaver, and it’s cute as a bug too. Aging knees don’t love kneeling, and this nifty seat is just the right height to lean over from, making it easy to pull weeds or prune plants.

    It’s got fun, fat, super-stable wheels that easily glide along grass and uneven surfaces with no worries. Even though this might look more like a toy for the little kids, this is one of the most coveted gifts for seniors. It comes with a drink holder on the front, so they can stay hydrated while doing yard work, and it has a storage space under the seat to fit garden tools and gloves.

    When you see the rave reviews, you’ll understand why it’s Amazon’s Choice too. Gardening gifts for elderly people on your list are always appreciated, especially those that are lightweight, and exceptionally functional.

  • Sunny Bay Heated Neck Wrap

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    Aches and pains are pretty much guaranteed as we age, so we’re always looking for gifts for seniors that can help alleviate that in a simple way. This microwavable heating pad is just the ticket to ease away the ache, without worrying about an older person leaving an old school heating pad plugged in.

    With a quick zap in the microwave, this neck wrap will stay warm for up to a half hour. The soft fleece covering protects their tender skin from getting burned, and feels cozy against the skin. Of course, while it’s called a neck wrap, it could just as easily be used on an aching shoulder or knee.

    Filled with natural rice, it provides a moist heat, which is extremely effective for relieving pain. Another cool thing is that this can also be placed in the freezer (we’d recommend placing it in a large plastic bag first) and used as a cold pack as well.

    At 26 inches long, this is also terrific to use on the low back/lumbar region as well as across the tummy. To cover a larger area, like the whole back, the wheat-filled Sunny Bay Body Heating Wrap is another great gift idea.

  • KEDSUM Heat Resistant Silicone Oven Mitts

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    Kitchen duties get notoriously more difficult as we age, and burns are always a threat for the seniors on your list. That’s why these silicone oven mitts make the perfect gifts for older women who love to cook. They protect hands, fingers and wrists from getting nipped by hot pans, burners, and oven edges.

    Supremely grippy, they are soft and easy to maneuver with, so spills and burns are less of a danger. Better yet, they come with a pair of mini-pinch-grips that make grabbing a lightweight baking sheet or hot dish simple and easy. With heat protection up to 482 degrees, you’ll feel good knowing they’re safe working in their kitchen or at the barbecue.

    And speaking of barbecue, some equally cool gifts for seniors who love to ‘cue the steak, but don’t love to clean the grill, are a set of BBQ Grilling Mats, that keep flames and mess at an absolute minimum.

  • Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hot Paraffin Wax Warmer

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    One thing we know, after much research, is that seniors aren’t the typical spa customer. They grew up before salon treatments were popular, and many would never consider spending their precious cash on something so frivolous. That’s when you can bring a paraffin wax treatment into their home.

    Warm wax not only moistens dry skin, the heat helps loosen stiff, and arthritic hands to help them function better. In fact, physical therapists who specialize in hand therapy regularly use these kinds of paraffin hand baths as a part of their treatment protocol.

    This professional grade wax warmer has a large, open design that’s actually big enough for dipping feet, as well as hands. With an easy to read temperature control gauge, this warmer melts wax fast and keeps it at one’s individual preferred temperature. It works great with Therabath Paraffin Wax, which you can get in 15 different scents from relaxing Lavender to refreshing Eucalyptus/Rosemary/Mint.

  • Weighted Blanket by Zonli

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    As we age, sleep gets more elusive, just ask any senior. Whether they’ve got aching muscles, restless legs, or simply like the comfort of six blankets on their bed, a weighted blanket could be the answer to more restful sleep. These blankets help to relax the nervous system, which reduces stress and anxiety, making falling asleep simpler.

    These blankets are great gifts for elderly folks, who often complain they can’t fall asleep. They can be gently washed, or you could also order them a washable duvet cover to keep this blanket clean and pristine for years to come. These weighted blankets get rave reviews for being incredibly effective, especially for people with anxiety issues.

  • GrowGreen Heavy Duty 25 Foot Expandable Hose

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    If you’ve ever dragged a water-filled hose around the yard, you know how heavy and awkward it can be. Now imagine doing that in your 70s, 80s or even 90s. That’s what makes this 25 foot expandable hose a great gift for elderly people. It doesn’t ever tangle or kink, and shrinks down to just eight feet long, when the water is drained out.

    This hose features sturdy brass fittings, and a shut-off valve, that makes it easy to fill to capacity, and then screw on a nozzle. Because of its convenient size, it can easily be stowed in a decorative planter box outside, instead of messing with an unsightly hose reel.

  • NIX Advance – Eight Inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame

    Our Review

    There’s not much that can top a collection of family photos as a gift for someone you love, but if that someone is older, has downsized or is perhaps in assisted living, they often don’t have a place for framed wall photos or photo albums. That’s why this super cool high-res digital photo frame is one of our favorite gifts for seniors.

    With plug and play simplicity, you can load up a SD/SDHC card or USB, that they can simply plug into this frame, and voila, they’ll have your latest slide show, whenever you want to send it to them. This frame can also play 720p videos, so if you’re sending grandma and grandpa the kids’ latest soccer game, it’s cool.

    This frame comes in lots of larger sizes, with screens up to 17.3 inches, but naturally, the price goes up with the size.

  • VIZIO 29 Inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

    Our Review

    By now, almost everyone has transitioned to a flat screen TV, but the sound is often lacking on these sets, and that’s an especially difficult issue for someone who is older. They don’t often like to admit that they can’t hear the dialogue, or they’ve got the TV turned up so loud, the neighbors are complaining.

    That’s why a soundbar is hands down, one of the best gifts for older men and women. With two full-range stereo speakers built in, this soundbar gives them crystal clear, room filling sound, with less than one percent distortion. And, since they probably have cable or satellite television, it makes listening to their favorite music channels a real treat.

  • RMS Deluxe Sock Aid with Foam Handles

    Our Review

    It’s one of those things you don’t think about, but as people get older, getting their socks on and off is a tougher job all the time. This sock aid makes getting even compression socks on and off a whole lot easier. With a contoured soft and flexible shell, they can stretch their socks over it, and slip them right on.

    Adjustable for most any arm length, this sock assist will eliminate bending and straining, and it works well for even those with diminished hand strength. It’s a great gift for elderly parents, or anyone who’s health is beginning to decline.

  • Flower of the Month Club

    Our Review

    Fresh flowers are always a day brightener, and it doesn’t matter whether the recipient is a woman or a man. A lovely floral arrangement is equally appreciated by both. With the flower of the month club, you can send a delivery every single month of the year, for less than you’d likely spend sending flowers for all the special occasions of the year.

    These beautiful bouquets make great gifts for seniors, because they’ll get a new surprise each time one arrives. If the whole 12 months is a little steep for your budget, you can also get this service for six months or four months.

    Just in case that elderly person in your life is still gardening, a lovely collection of outdoor flower bulbs is another awesome idea. And it would be even better if you came over to help them plant.