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13 Best Women’s Boiler Suits You’ll LOVE

With an effortless throw-on-and-go appeal, the boiler suit style is once again popular. A boiler suit, just like the equally effortless nap dress, is the perfect look to rock this season as we’re all trying to remain casual yet cute no matter the social or non-social setting.

A great transitional piece for spring and fall, boiler suits blend feminine touches with a utilitarian and workwear vibe. Part of the “easy fashion” movement, this “instant outfit” is similar to jumpsuits but offers a less form-fitting silhouette. A versatile addition to anyone’s wardrobe, this look can be styled up with heels and booties, dressed down with sneakers, layered with t-shirts, and accessorized with belts, scarves, and jewelry. For all the best women’s boiler suit styles to wear this year, read on.

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What Is A Boiler Suit?

A look that's rocked both the runways and "street style" scene the last few years, the boiler suit is once again trending thanks to its effortlessness and comfortable appeal. Commonly known as "coveralls," these all-in-one outfits are easy to style up or dress down depending on the occasion. But, while the women's boiler suit trend is fashionable today, this look has much humbler beginnings

Boiler suits were originally created as workwear for people who managed and maintained coal-fired boilers - hence the name. Something that could be thrown on and "cover all" your clothes, these suits were intended to keep your other attire clean and free of ash and soot. Not only that, but the coverall/jumpsuit style extends beyond the boiler room and fashion scene, too. Worn throughout history by the military, race car drivers, plumbers, mechanics, disco dancers, and more, boiler suits and jumpsuits prove fashion is completely cyclical and modernizable.

The Boiler Suit Fashion Trend

A style rocked by Rosie the Riveter herself, the boiler suit blends utilitarian workwear with fashionable touches for a look that's great for spring and fall. An "instant outfit" that's just as perfect for the Zoom call as it for a night out, the boiler suit is easy to "throw on" and accessorize. That's the appeal of this fashion trend: It's easy. Thanks to 2020 and our desire for easy and comfortable styles, the boiler suit is once again popular. Gaining in popularity with fashionistas and designers, the look continues to appear on runways throughout Fashion Week and in street fashion throughout the year. 

2021 promises much of the same in terms of fashion. While our lives will hopefully return to some semblance of normalcy, simple outfits and "easy fashion" are here to stay.

How To Wear A Boiler Suit

With a natural utilitarian vibe, the boiler suit differs from a jumpsuit slightly in style. While jumpsuits run the gamut in terms of silhouettes, fabrics, and feminine touches, a women's boiler suit retains much of its workwear-inspired roots. With pockets, zippers, sleeves, buttons, and fabrics that feature less stretch or no stretch at all, boiler suits for women are typically more structured. That said, many are also less form-fitting allowing for a little more give around the waist. So, how best to style one? That's the best part: you can style a boiler suit however you'd like. 

A women's boiler suit might be an all-in-one outfit and have that "throw-on-and-go" appeal, but this style can totally be accessorized and layered, too. As many boiler suits are available in muted colors and offer limited or not pattern variety, think about pairing with shirts, tank tops, and jewelry that add some "wow" to your look. Bright colors, floral patterns, headscarves, neck scarves, and statement necklaces will all add some much needed fun to these pieces.

This style also lends itself well to a variety of footwear. If you want to make a statement, think about pairing a boiler suit with some killer heels or block heel booties. If you're heading out for a day of casual shopping, some strappy sandals would really add to this look. And, if you're looking for the ultimate casual-cool vibe, some trendy sneakers would look fantastic, too. 

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