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12 Best Nap Dresses You’ll LOVE

Effortless, comfortable, and undeniably cute with a touch of whimsy and romance, the Nap Dress is one of the hottest trends of the year. A hybrid style that blends a nightgown with a traditional dress, these instant outfits are available in a variety of soft materials, gorgeous colors, and feminine patterns. And, yes, they are as dreamy as they sound.

First designed and introduced by Hill House Home, Nap Dresses are the swoon-worthy look of the moment thanks to its summer-ready vibes and throw-on-and-go appeal. Our list of the best styles features something for everyone: florals, stripes, patchwork, ruffles, full-length, knee-length, and plus-size Nap Dress options, too. Oh, and we have the best original styles from Hill House Home, too.

To find the best nap dress to wear this season, read on.

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What Is A Nap Dress?

The term "Nap Dress" was actually created and trademarked by Hill House Home. Introduced in 2019, the Nap Dress essentially blends together refined dress-like vibes with nightgown silhouettes for a comfortable and completely cute look that's just as perfect for the house as it is for the park. The perfect dress for spring and summer, the Nap Dress was the style to rock in 2020 thanks to stay-at-home orders, Zoom calls, and the need for more casual attire. As we look ahead to the warmer months of 2021, the Nap Dress is once again trending and considered the must-have look this year. 

Our list of the best Nap Dresses features original styles from Hill House Home, Nap Dress-inspired looks from some pretty incredible brands and labels. Other than offering the ultimate comfortable and throw-on-and-go experience, this style often features smocked bodices, florals and other feminine patterns, dramatic sleeves and flourishes, and soft materials. These dresses also come in all lengths, too.

If you're thinking, "have I seen this look before?" you're not wrong. While the Nap Dress definitely stands on its own, the style reminds us of Jane Austen and those flowy, comfortable looks each movie adaptation reminds us we need. So, if you're a fan of flowy and feminine styles that have a classic and timeless appeal, this is the dress style for you.

How To Style A Nap Dress

One of the most appealing things about the Nap Dress is that it's easy to style. Designed for the house, the beach, the park, or anywhere adventure calls, these dresses are easy to throw-on-and-go and can be worn with heels, flats, sandals, or no shoes at all. Cover them up with a sweater or light jacket on colder days...lounge around the house...wear all night...you can even take a nap in them - they're that comfortable.

Here's what we love about these nightgown-dress hybrids: they're simple. No pattern is too flashy, no material is scratchy, no social (or non-social) situation is off-limits. And, while there are many trends that come and go, the Nap Dress is definitely one to rock in 2021.

Spring & Summer 2021: Trends To Look Out For

While fashion definitely looks different these days, there are high hopes for spring and summer as the weather warms and the sun shines through. So, if you're wondering what looks to rock this year, here are some trends to watch:

Shackets - another hybrid look making the rounds is the shacket - a shirt-jacket combo. Perfect for transitional weather days throughout the year, these sort-of shirts and kind-of jackets are a fashionable style not to be missed. 

Big Shoulders & Sleeves - several of the Nap Dresses on our list feature exaggerated sleeves, and that look is one of the biggest anticipated trends of the year. So, if you're down with eye-catching and voluminous looks, check out these puff sleeve topslantern sleeve sweaters, and gorgeous dresses with exaggerated shoulders and sleeves.

Baggy Denim - another one of those trends from 2020 that's gaining steam in 2021 is the oversized denim look. Much like the Nap Dress, this style is popular for its casual vibe and overall comfortable appeal. 

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