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11 Best Ripped Jeans For Men

The right pair of jeans can be the foundation of a guy’s wardrobe. You want to wear them all the time, they are broken in just right and they go with nearly everything you own. These are the best ripped jeans for men that will spruce up your current wardrobe and take it to the next level. Sit back, relax and wait for your new, stylish jeans to arrive so you can show them off.

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Materials to Consider

Most jeans you come across are going to be made with cotton denim. A new trend in the denim jeans world is jeans being made with spandex and elastane for an extra stretchy fit. These jeans are already broken in so that you can move freely. While ripped jeans are super cool and cray stylish, there are a lot of options out there where the rips are kept together with wax and patches. These jeans will look the way they looked when you bought them and will keep them from over-ripping or fraying in a way that you don't want. 

Pro Tips

Anything goes with jeans. Try new things. Jeans with boots, jeans with sneakers or loafers, you can even wear the right pair of dress shoes with the right pair of jeans. A white dress shirt slightly tucked in is always a fan favorite with blue jeans. A trusted and time-tested look is a vintage tee or graphic tee with the right faded jeans. Experiment with your jeans so that you can find the perfect look.