Bloons TD 5: 5 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

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Bloons TD 5 is a Tower Defense game that tasks players with placing various monkeys along a predetermined route in order to stop a horde of balloons from reaching the end. While this sounds easy enough, the inclusion of specialty balloons like the metal ones can cost you an entire game. There is a lot of nuance to Bloons TD 5, so here are 10 tips and tricks to help you succeed and claim victory.

1. Maximize Your Tower’s Abilities

Bloons TD 5
There are 18 different turrets that players can set down, however, understanding each of these turrets functionality. Some turrets like the Ninja Monkey and Tack Shooter can hit multiple balloons at once, so make sure to place them on corners so they can hit the entire area around them. Others like the Ice Tower are great for slowing enemies so place them in high traffic areas. Understanding how to make the most of your towers will be critical if you want to play on harder tracks and difficulties.

2. Have Variety in Your Towers

Bloons TD 5

It can be easy to just plop a bunch of Dart Monkeys and Ice Towers along the path, you will always want to make sure you have some variety in your towers. There are multiple special balloons that can only be damaged by certain abilities or by certain monkeys. Certain characters like the Ninja Monkey can spot camo balloons, so always make sure to have a few along your path. The same goes for cannons as they can destroy metal coated balloons which can be a real pain if they aren’t dealt with early on. Never just rely on one or two types of towers, especially on the harder difficulties.

3. Don’t Forget Your Daily Rewards

Like other mobile titles, Bloons TD 5 features daily rewards that players can claim such as money, special monkeys, and items. Rewards and funds can come at an excruciatingly slow pace if you are having bad luck, so make sure to collect them from the giant treasure chest when you open the application up. You can spend the money you earn on specialty houses that can give you some serious benefits.

4. Make Kill Boxes

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While you are not always able to layout your towers like you want, it’s recommended that you make kill boxes along your route. These are areas that are specifically designed to maximize your carnage and devastate the wave of balloons that are trying to pass by. Areas such as the very start or tight turns are great locations because it will allow you to maximize your damage with large radius attacks.

This will help ensure that you pop as many balloons as possible, especially if you add support units like Ice Towers to freeze enemies in place. On a typical route, I will typically set 3 to 4 major checkpoints that the balloons have to pass through and then simply scatter some specialty or additional towers to clean up stragglers.

5. Know Which Towers to Upgrade First

Bloons TD 5

As you play through Bloons TD 5 your various towers and monkeys will slowly unlock upgrades that enhance their performance in the field. However, while the upgrades themselves will unlock the more frequently you use them, in an actual round you’ll have to pay in-game coins to upgrade them. This can be done by tapping on the tower of choice and selecting which upgrade you want to enhance for your unit. Here are the towers we recommend leveling up first:

  • Monkey Dart
  • Tack Shooter
  • Monkey Village
  • Ice Tower
  • Ninja Monkey

These are some of the most frequently used towers in all of Bloons TD 5 with the exception of the Monkey Village. Yet, since this is an insanely powerful support unit once it’s upgraded we recommend level at least one or two in high traffic areas as soon as possible. Remember, the levels in Bloons TD 5 have a fair amount of variety so make sure to assess the battlefield and tailor your upgrades to the map.

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