Lawbreakers: How to Unlock the Twitch Prime Skin

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Lawbreakers is full of unique characters that want nothing more than to blow each other up with all sorts of dangerous weapons. Yet, if you want to kill your foes you’ll want to make sure that you do it in style. There are a variety of different skins in Lawbreakers, each with their own rarity and coin cost if you want to outright purchase them. Most of these outfits are obtainable in-game via Stash Boxes, however, if you want to Bleed Purple skin for Abaddon then you’ll need a Twitch Prime account.

In order to unlock this skin, you need to link your Twitch account to Amazon Prime which will then allow you to link it to your Lawbreaker’s account. First go to Twitch here and combine these two accounts by simply entering your email and password when it directs you back to Amazon. Once this step is completed load up your copy of Lawbreakers and enter the Options menu.

From here you should see a tab labeled “Twitch” scroll over to it and click account to bring up the Twitch login page. Enter your info and then return to Lawbreakers so you claim all of that sweet loot to show off to all your friends. What you get for your time and extra money are as followed:

  • Bleed Purple Character Skin for Abaddon
  • Bleed Purple Weapon Skins for Lobber, Firefly, and Arc Blades
  • Twitch Weapon Stickers – Bleed Purple, PjSalt, Kappa, and Frankerz
  • Kappa Account Portrait

Linking your Twitch Prime account is the only way to unlock these skins, so if you really want to collect everything this is the only way. You can do a 30 day trial of Amazon Prime and use that account to link, just to see if you like how the outfits look.  However, we do not know right now if canceling your Amazon Prime account will relock the sins or if you only need to be linked once to work.