Destiny 2: 5 Tips and Tricks for the Crucible (PvP)


For those looking to truly test their skills in Destiny 2 then look no further than Lord Shaxx’s Crucible. Acting as the PvP (Player vs Player) portion of the game, this is perhaps one of the best places to hone your aim and reflexes. Additionally, players can also complete quests and earn loot to help them level up their Guardian without having to grind Strikes or Public Events.

However, the Crucible can be intimidating for those who are not used to Destiny 2’s oddly paced combat. There have been quite a few changes since the original game, most notably a reduction of players per match from 12 to 8. This makes firefights more contained and intimate, which will require you to make fewer mistakes if you want to win.

Here are 5 tips and tricks for those looking to take on Destiny 2’s Crucible:

1. Have Additional Weapons and Exotics Ready

Destiny 2


One of the best parts of the Crucible is that your Light Level does not matter, so this allows for more experimentation with gear. Because of this, it’s recommended that you carry different types of weapons as some are more powerful than others on specific maps. You always want to exploit the geometry of the map, so if it’s close quarters weapons like assault rifles and submachine guns will prove to be more effective.

This goes for exotics as well, many of which are great for very specific situations or game modes. The MIDA Multi-Tool, for example, allows you to see your radar when aiming down the sights, so it’s great for one life game modes like Countdown. We recommend bringing at least one additional weapon per slot if you are serious about playing and winning Crucible matches.

2. Not Every Exotic is Good for PvP


There are a lot of Exotics in Destiny 2, so it’s important to know which ones should and should not be used in PvP. Weapons like the Coldheart and Borealis are fantastic for PvE but are extremely lackluster in the PvP game modes. This doesn’t make them bad, just they don’t offer strong benefits for those fighting against human opponents. When you are deciding on what Exotic to run, you’ll want to ask yourself what benefits can it offer.

Wasting an Exotic slot on an armor piece that does really nothing in the Crucible will put you at an extreme disadvantage. If you are looking for good PvP Exotics consider grabbing the MIDA Multi-tool, Vigilance Wing, or the Sweet Business.

3. Be Patient

Destiny 2


One habit I have noticed a lot of new Guardians are refusing to break is just charging into battle. This will typically get you killed since it’s very easy to kill someone in Destiny 2, especially if you are facing a team that knows how to land headshots. By using cover and slowly advancing, you will limit the amount of damage caused to you. Instead, slow down your pacing and don’t rush targets unless you know that you’ll have the advantage.

Try to at least remove the enemies shield (The white bar) before advancing to ensure you can quickly secure the kill. It’s also important to remember that usually, enemies will spawn near one another, so forcing your way through their lines could see you outnumbered very quickly. The only exception to this rule is Supremacy, where you have to actually capture or deny crests after securing a kill. If you really want to charge into battle then try running the Voidwalker’s Blink so you can quickly close the gap without being susceptible to fire.

4. Stay. With. Your. Team.

Destiny 2


Another way to get yourself easily killed in Destiny 2 is to be a lone wolf and run off on your own. Now, this can work, but the best way to ensure you claim victory is to work and play with your team. There are only four of you now, so sticking together and firing on the same target can drastically improve your performance.

You’ll still get the point if you assist someone, so there is no reason not to team fire targets. Always try to move in a group or at least squads of two. This will ensure that if someone is damaged or needs to reload, they aren’t going to be vulnerable to rushes or being flanked. Sticking together also greatly benefits objective based game modes like Control, which will need you to defend up to three flags. By staying with one another, you can cover more entrances and have a generally better defense.

5. Know When to Use Your Super

Destiny 2


Supers are the most powerful move in all of Destiny 2 and are capable of wiping out an entire team in a matter of seconds. Because of this, it’s incredibly important to know when and what situations these abilities should be utilized. If you are in a losing fight and about to die, try not to waste your Super in all the panic. You may not live to actually finish the activation animation, which will cause you to lose your Super entirely.

Instead, try to start your super (With the exception of Nova Bomb) from behind cover to ensure you take no damage. This will allow you to then move out and quickly dispatch foes who are in your way. However, you’ll still need to play smart since people in their Super can be easily killed if they’re seen in the distance. Try to use flanking routes or hiding spots to ambush teams so they have no way to react to being attacked.

Also, please do not use Supers all at once as this is an extreme waste of resources. Talk and coordinate with your team as to when and who is activating their Super. The last thing you want is someone to Nova Bomb while another teammate activates their Hammer of Sol.

For more guides, tips, and tricks make sure to visit our Destiny 2 page.

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