Destiny 2: How to Get the Rat King Exotic Weapon

Destiny 2

Despite having a ton of loot that can randomly drop for you during Destiny 2, some items are tied behind quests. One of these is the Rat King sidearm which has the unique ability to output more damage if other members in your fireteam are using the same exotic. However, obtaining this weapon is quite tricky, as the quest involves you completing seven different quests of increasing difficulty. Additionally, almost all of these need to be completed with people who have the special Rat King’s Crew Kinetic weapon shell.

Here is how to get the Rat King in Destiny 2:

  1. 1. Finish the Enemy Of My Enemy Questline


The first step in acquiring the Rat King will be to finish the Enemy of my Enemy questline, which is available on Titan after you beat the main story. Given out by Sloane, this is a three-part quest that will have you running all over the planet dealing with the Hive. It’s fairly straightforward and shouldn’t prove much of a challenge for a skilled fireteam. Make sure you equip some close quarters focused weapons since the Hive are notorious for getting in your face and swarming Guardians. After you finish the mission titled “Chances and Choices” you’ll be given the Rat King Crew’s weapon which is currently unusable.

2. Rat King’s Crew First Riddle


In true Bungie fashion, players will need to decrypt a riddle that is given to the player in the form of a children’s rhyme. There will be four riddles total, with the first one asking you and your fireteam to finish Patrol missions on any planet. Remember everyone in the team must have the Rat King’s Crew, so make sure to check that everyone in your group has it. To actually unlock Patrols, simply talk with Cayde-6 who will unlock them for you. Again, this can only be done after you complete the main story and finish off the final boss. After you meet the requisite number of Patrols then you’ll be given another rhyme to figure out.

3. Rat King’s Crew Second Riddle


This riddle is noticeably easier to decipher and will require your fireteam to finish a few Public Events on any one of the explorable planets. We are not sure if it requires you to trigger the Heroic modifier, but we did just to be safe. If you want to quickly blow through this section any of the Public Events on the southern portion of the EDZ are very easy to finish. You will be given the third riddle after you finish all the Public Events needed.

4. Rat King’s Crew Third Riddle


Still with us? Good. The third part of the Rat King quest has you taking on the mighty Crucible. You’ll only need to finish two matches and they can be of any game mode. Again, you will need to make sure that you’re playing with a full fireteam that is at this step of the quest. There’s no indication that winning or losing matters, however, my team won both of ours when we were on this step. This is by far the quickest portion of the Exotic quest line, so when it’s done head back to orbit and prepare yourself for the final part.

5. Rat King’s Crew Fourth Riddle


Alright, now things are going to get extremely difficult so you may need a week to even be leveled up enough to complete it. The final portion of the Rat King’s quest will need you and your fireteam to finish the Nightfall with five minutes left on the timer. This is extremely difficult since every Nightfall only starts with 10 minutes on the timer. However, you can gain time by killing enemies with basic foes giving you 2 additional seconds and higher ranking enemies offering up 7 additional seconds.

On top of that, you will need to be at least 230 Light to ever participate, but we recommend being at least 270-280. Our fireteam learned the hard way by finishing the Nightfall with a minute less only to be denied our Exotic weapon. Communication is key here and you will need to be very efficient with how you use your time. It’s okay if you die, however, it will take you 10 seconds before a teammate can revive you and 20 seconds before you can revive yourself. There is no penalty for wiping other than lost time. For a more comprehensive guide on the Arms Deal Nightfall go here.

If you manage to finish the Nightfall with 5 minutes left on the timer then you will earn the Rat King exotic to show off to all your friends in Destiny 2.

For more guides, tips, and tricks make sure to visit our Destiny 2 page.

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