Destiny 2: How to Upgrade Exotics

Destiny 2 Bungie
  1. Warning: Destiny 2 spoilers may follow.

The world of Destiny 2 is quite large and it only gets larger once you reach the endgame. After the completion of the campaign, a whole world of options is opened up to you in the form of Nightfall Strikes, Raids, Patrols, etc. One thing that will help you out a lot in your journey is a good assortment of Exotic gear.

In Destiny 2, players can have two Exotics equipped at any time with one being on the left side and one being on the right side. As a result, you have to weave through the lengthy list of Exotic gear currently found in the game pick two that fit your playstyle. Chances are that you’ve already come across a couple Exotics that you’d like to hang onto.

You’ll find that many Exotics you find early on will quickly be out-leveled so you’ll leave them behind even if they have good perks. Luckily you can hang onto those Exotics and power them up to your Power Level so you can keep the action going. Instead of breaking down Exotics that you don’t use anymore because they aren’t strong enough, just hang onto them since they will be viable down the road depending on the situation. You might find out that one of your Exotic will play a big role in a future Raid or Strike down the road.

To upgrade your Exotics this, you have to find a weapon or armor piece that is stronger that your current Exotic. If you’ve out-leveled your Exotic already, this shouldn’t be a hard thing to do. The next thing you have to do is obtain some Legendary Shards. These are obtained by breaking down Legendary Gear so you’ll need to have a constant source of these coming in if you want to upgrade your Exotics on a regular basis.

The first thing you have to do is select your Exotic and then press Y or Triangle on the Exotic you plan on upgrading. The next thing you do is break down the stronger piece of equipment which will then be infused with your Exotic. As a result, your Exotic will receive a boost in Power Level since it takes the power that was in the other piece of equipment.

The hard part now is determining which Exotics fit your playstyle the best. If you’re struggling with finding Exotics, find out the way to get Exotic Engrams right here.

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