Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: 6 Ways to Get Bells Fast

Jack Fennimore

In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, you’re going to need a lot of Bells. You need it for crafting furniture, buying things from friends, buying things from the Market Place, and customizing your camper.

Here are six easy ways to get Bells fast.

1. Get Bells from My Nintendo Rewards

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp My Nintendo

Jack Fennimore

By linking your Nintendo account right at the start of the game, you can gain access to missions. Completing missions earns you points that you can use to redeem different rewards. One of the rewards is 5,000 Bells for 100 points.

You can earn points by completing camper requests by giving animal companions the items they want, namely fruit, bugs, and fish. You earn 300 points each for linking your Nintendo, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

To link your Twitter and Facebook accounts, head to the “More” menu on the bottom right corner of the screen and select the “Friends” icon. Got to “Add Friend” and scroll down until you see the option to link your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

To get to the My Nintendo menu, all you have to do is head back to the “More” menu and then select the “My Nintendo” icon.

2. Selling Items From Inventory

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Items

Jack Fennimore

You’ll be amassing a pretty big collection of items as you explore the forests and beaches of this game. At any time you can sell these items for money. Just open the items menu, select your item, and then hit the sell button. Rare items give you much more money than common ones.

In fact, don’t sell common items because gifting them to animal friends and raising your friendship levels earns you more Bells and is thus a more efficient way to use them. Horse Mackerel, for instance, sells for 10 Bells but if a villager requests it then you can get 100 or more Bells for it. You should only sell common items if you need quick Bells or need extra inventory space.

Also try using fishing nets and honey to get a whole bunch of fish and bugs respectively. You’ll have to spend Leaf Tickets to use them, however.

3. Selling Items Using Market Slots

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Market Slots

Jack Fennimore

You can also place items in Market Boxes. That way friends and random players can go into your Market Boxes and buy them from you. You can often sell items for way above their original asking price.

Don’t place common items in Market Boxes since everyone already has them. Place rarer items into them so players can just buy them from you instead of grinding for them. Just be sure to adjust the price so that it’s reasonable.

That being said, you could get away with selling fruit since it takes so long for fruit to regrow in the game.

4. Selling Unwanted Furniture at the Market Place

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Market Place

Jack Fennimore

As you craft specific furniture to attract guests to your campsite, you’re going to end up with a lot of furniture you don’t really want. All you have to do is head to the Market Place from the map and talk to one of the vendors there to sell it. That way you can attract guests to your campsite and then sell the furniture after they move in. It’s a good way to offset the costs of crafting the furniture.

5. Raising Friendship Levels & Leveling Up

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Cherry

Jack Fennimore

Completing requests for villagers not only awards you with Bells and crafting materials but also raises their friendship meters. If the meter is filled up, your friendship level with that villager increases and you get more Bells and crafting materials.

You also gain experience by raising friendship levels. Once you level up, you’ll get Bells as well as other rewards like new villagers to interact with.

If you bring a villager to a campsite and have them stay there, they can award you with more Bells when you talk to them.

Bonus tip: You get bonus crafting materials after completing a villager’s final request of the day.

6. Heading to Shovelstrike Quarry

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Shovelstrike Quarry, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Quarry

Jack Fennimore

Shovelstrike Quarry gives you the chance to earn Bells and rare crafting materials by mining for gold ore, silver ore, rubies, and sapphires.

Before you head into Shovelstrike Quarry, you have to either send requests to five different friends and have them agree to help you, or spend 20 Leaf Tickets. Once inside, you hit five rocks that randomly drop the minerals. Your results may vary but I was able to get over 1,600 Bells from one playthrough.

Pay attention to the icon over the quarry on the map, as that will tell you if a playthrough is going to award you with mostly Bells or mostly crafting materials.

Friends can be found by talking to people randomly appearing throughout the game’s locations or by sharing friend codes.

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