Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Catch Rare Fish & Bugs

animal crossing pocket camp rare fish

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Update: We previously said that butterflies couldn’t be scared. It turns out they do disappear if you’re right on top of them. Our apologies.

You can catch a wide variety of fish and bugs in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. However, some fish and bugs are more valuable than others.

When exploring the world of the game, you can encounter rare fish and bugs. You’ll know when you caught a rare fish or bug because the game will tell you when you catch them. Rare fish and bugs can be sold for a high amount of bells.

As the name suggests, they are rare to find. However, there are some easy things you can do to increase your odds of finding one.

You can find fish at Lost Lure Creek and Saltwater Shores while bugs are found at Sunburst Island.

Fishing is accomplished by moving close to the water and then tapping on the water to cast your lure at that spot. Be sure to cast the lure near the fish so that it notices it. Once the lure in the water and the fish is interested in it, wait until the exclamation point sign appears and rapidly tap your phone to catch the fish. Don’t tap the phone until the sign appears or else you’ll lose the catch.

Rare fish are generally larger in size than other fish, so be sure to keep your eye out for large shadow sizes in the water and be especially careful not to lose them. Other than that there’s no other indication of whether or not a rare fish is in the water.

To catch bugs, tap on them so you can start sneaking up on them. Then wait until the exclamation point appears and then tap your phone. Don’t tap the phone until the sign appears or else you’ll scare the bug away.

Finding rare bugs is much easier since you can clearly spot them. Be extra careful when catching bugs on trees because if you walk too close to the tree you’ll shake it a bit and scare away the bug. Also tap on tree-dwelling bugs when you’re in front of them (when below the tree on the map) so that you don’t accidentally startle them. Butterflies are less skittish but they will disappear if you go right on top of them.

Before long fish and bugs will start to appear less and less if staying in the same area for a while. When this happens, just move to a new area and start looking for rare critters there. You can also just walk around the area so that critters keep spawning. Just don’t accidentally walk into trees or butterflies and scare them away.

If you don’t mind spending Leaf Tickets, then you can use fishing nets to catch fish and honey to catch bugs. That way you can catch multiple critters in no time at all and have a chance, albeit a tiny one, to catch rare critters.

Here is a list of all the fish and bugs you can catch, courtesy of the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp wiki. Note that catch rate refers to when catching fish and bugs with nets and honey respectively. Individual encounter rates may vary.


Name – Sell Price – Location – Catch Rate

  • Tiger Butterfly – 10 – Near Flowers – 24.7525
  • Monarch Butterfly – 10 – Flying – 24.7525
  • Emperor Butterfly (Rare) – 3,000 – Flying – 0.2475
  • Fruit Beetle – 10 – Trees – 24.7525
  • Jewel Beetle (Rare) – 2,500 – Trees – 0.3300
  • Miyama Stag (Rare) – 1,500 – Trees – 0.4125
  • Horned Dynastid (Rare) – 100 – Trees – 24.7525



    Name – Sell Price – Location – Size – Catch Rate

  • Pale Chub – 10 – Lost Lure Creek – 1 – 24.7525
  • Crucian Carp – 10 – Lost Lure Creek – 2 – 24.7525
  • Yellow Perch – 10 – Lost Lure Creek – 3 – 24.7525
  • Black Bass – 100 – Lost Lure Creek – 4 – 24.7525
  • Koi (Rare) – 4,000 – Lost Lure Creek – 4 – 0.4125
  • Rainbow Trout (Rare) – 1,500 – Lost Lure Creek – 3 – 0.5776
  • Horse Mackerel – 10 – Saltwater Shores – 2 – 19.8020
  • Olive Flounder – 10 – Saltwater Shores – 4 – 19.8020
  • Squid – 10 – 3 – Saltwater Shores – 3 – 19.8020
  • Red Snapper – 100 – Saltwater Shores – 3 – 19.8020
  • Blowfish (Rare) – 1,500 – Saltwater Shores – 3 – 0.03960
  • Football Fish (Rare) – 3,000 – Saltwater Shores – 4 – 0.3300
  • Tuna (Rare) – 5,000 – Saltwater Shores – 6 – 0.2640


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