Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: What Is Shovelstrike Quarry?

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp gives players a brand new Animal Crossing experience except this time it’s not built for a home console but rather a mobile device instead. The game still does an excellent job of retaining the Animal Crossing foundation but also adapts it to the mobile format. One of the ways this adaption was made was through the addition of microtransactions. At least most players will agree a mobile version is better than having another amiibo-based game.

With Animal Crossing Pocket Camp being a free-to-download game, Nintendo has to make money somehow and that will mostly come in the form of purchasing Leaf Tickets. The game is pretty liberal in giving you these tickets in the beginning but it’s hard to tell how long that will keep up.

Leaf tickets are what make the game go round and you’ll be using a lot of them. One of the first times you might end up using them is to head to the Shovelstrike Quarry. Once you have access to the map, you’ll see the Shovelstrike Quarry on it but you won’t be able just head there for free. You’ll have to either have five friends on hand or you’ll need to spend 20 Leaf Tickets.

It’s at this point where you have to decide whether those valuable Leaf Tickets are worth spending to head to this quarry. If you do decide to head there, you’ll find yourself just spending a little time in this area as you essentially play the lottery. You show up there equipped with a shovel as you decide to smash five rocks in hopes of finding some nice treasures.

It might be worth finding five friends before you keep spending Leaf Tickets to enter this area as you’ll quickly burn through the tickets and might not have the spending pay off. The cooldown resets daily so you won’t be able to burn through all your Leaf Tickets in a day which is good. You can find friends either through knowing people in real life or you could find friends around your camp in-game. Whatever option you choose to use, it’s important to do it quick before you blow through all of your Leaf Tickets.

Players can collect gold ore, silver ore, rubies and sapphires, which can be sold for Bells or used as parts of a craft order. Animal Crossing fans might recognize a familiar face here as well. Once you head to this area you’ll be introduced to Lloid the gyroid who has since become an Animal Crossing staple over the years.

There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason as to where you’ll be finding gold and silver versus ruby and sapphire so it will require a good bit of luck to find these ores. At the very least, you’ll be making a healthy helping of Bells as you mine for these ores.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is out now for iOS and Android devices. For more gaming news, coverage and guides stay with us right here at Heavy.

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