Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Get Leaf Tickets

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the newest game released by Nintendo and this mobile title is already becoming addicting. Users once again create their own character and venture off into the world of Animal Crossing in order to buy new clothes, make friends, and escape crippling debt. Like previous entries in this series, users can purchase items via an in-game currency called Bells which can be easily earned just by playing. However, there is a secondary currency called “Leaf Tickets” which have multiple uses in this game.

What They’re Used For


The first is simply to speed up crafting items you purchase from the llamas, Reese and Cyrus. This will cause your unfinished item to instantly finish and let you display it for all to marvel at. We typically don’t recommend wasting your Leaf Tickets this way as the time to wait is never that bad. You can also expand your crafting workspace by spending Leaf Tickets in this section above all the items. This means you can have more than one item building at any time, which can be useful later on when you have more Bells.

Players can also spend Leaf Tickets to either purchase new items or add special patterns to their camper. Both of these cost a fair amount, so it’s worth saving up if you have your eye on a certain design for your vehicle. The most important use for Leaf Tickets is the Quarry, which allows players to hit 5 random rocks to obtain valuable resources that can be converted into Bells. This is one of the fastest ways to earn money in Animal Cross Pocket Camp so make sure to use your Leaf Tickets here. Keep in mind you can only use

How to Get Them

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

As far as actually earning Leaf Tickets there are a number of different methods. The first is by completing various Stretch or Time Goals. These will often reward players with Leaf Tickets, with the Stretch Goals offering the biggest chunk. Make sure to focus on completing these as they are the best way to earn Leaf Ticks in large volumes. Another way to obtain Leaf Tickets is simply by ranking up, which is accomplished by completing quests for the various animals scattered about the map. Sadly it won’t be a ton of Leaf Tickets and leveling up can take a fair amount of time.

Make sure to link your Nintendo Account to instantly receive 100 Leaf Tickets which is worth any inconvenience it may cause. Another easy 20 Leaf Tickets is by befriending 5 people. To accomplish this just walk up to any of the other human players in the world, tap them, and then hit “Add Friend.” If they agree then you will complete part of this Stretch Goal. Leaf Tickets will occasionally be rewarded as a Log-in Bonus so it pays to check once a day just in case.

Players can also be given Leaf Tickets as a reward for completing missions, but the most obvious method is through purchasing them via microtransactions. These can be accessed by clicking the Leaf Ticket icon at the top of the screen. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp usually has various one-time purchase sales along with the traditional microtransaction bundles.

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