Fortnite: Battle Royale: Treasure Map at Dusty Depot Location

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With Season 3 of Fortnite: Battle Royale we received new challenges to complete. In a series of weekly challenges, one of them mentions a treasure map at Dusty Depot.

With today being the first day of the new season, the map area around Dusty Depot is pretty busy so we’re here to help you avoid the trouble of getting killed before you can decipher the map. If you want to see the map for yourself, it’s on the wall in the alley between two of the buildings.

It isn’t anything you pick up to put in your inventory so you have to memorize the location on your map. It also looks like a small child drew it so it’s okay if you don’t understand what it all means right away.

If you don’t want to sit there and figure out where to go, we have the location for you. What you’re looking for once you get to the location is the gold battle pass emblem which will be pretty hard to miss. Even this location might be a little contested so be careful when going there.


Fortnite: Battle Royale

The location of the treasure is located between Shifty Shafts and Flush Factory. If you look at the embedded screenshot, you will be able to find the treasure near the blue marker, give or take a few steps. The emblem can be found at the base of a tree over a small foothill.

The location is pretty random and you’re likely going to find a lot of players around there for the week since it is one of the challenges and you get a decent amount of stars for completing it.

Once you find the emblem, just collect it and you’re done with the challenge. Next week might bring on a whole new treasure map which is certainly something to keep us coming back to week after week.

Season 3 ditches the medieval skins of the Red and Black Knights from Season 2 and instead launches us into space for the upcoming season. Purchasing the Battle Pass for Season 3 will get you an astronaut skin and we’re likely going to be seeing more space themed skins as we progress through the Battle Pass.

Players have roughly two months to complete all the tiers in this season which may seem like a long time but keep in mind the Season 3 Battle Pass has increased from 70 tiers to 100 tiers. Epic has said they have adjusted the XP gains to allow players to still complete this Battle Pass in roughly the same time it took to complete the Season 2 one. Epic gave the timetable of 75-150 hours to complete it but that probably varies by player.

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