• Fortnite Taro & Nara Return to Item Shop

    The Taro and Nara outfits return to Fortnite today.

  • Fortnite Dark Bomber Makes Its Return to Item Shop

  • Fortnite Adds New Snowfoot Outfit in Item Shop Update

  • Fortnite Magnus Skin Returns to Item Shop

  • Fortnite Disco Diva Comes to Item Shop

  • Fortnite Adds Sugarplum in Item Shop Update

    The Sugarplum outfit has come to Fortnite.

  • Cloaked Shadow Comes to Fortnite in Item Shop Update

  • Fishstick Enters Fortnite Item Shop

  • Krampus & Frozen Legends Bundle Enter Fortnite Today

  • Grimbles Gnome Skin Joins Fortnite in Item Shop Update

  • Merry Marauder & Ginger Gunner Return to Fortnite

    The Ginger Gunner and Merry Marauder are in the Fortnite Item Shop today.

  • Fortnite Crackabella Arrives With Item Shop Update

  • Fortnite Red-Nosed Ranger/Raider Comes in Item Shop Update

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  • Nvidia Fortnite Bundle Available to New GPU Buyers

    Epic Games and Nvidia have teamed up to provide an exclusive Fortnite bundle to new GPU buyers.

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  • Walmart Exclusive Fortnite Spray Coming This Sunday

  • Fortnite Adds NFL Skins With Item Shop Update Today

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    You can now get your favorite NFL jersey in Fortnite.

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