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Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 3 is in full swing and with it are a whole new set of rewards for players to earn as they move through the Battle Pass.

One thing that is sure to have gained the attention of the players is the addition of the John Wick skin. This slim long haired assassin is sure to strike fear into the heart of your opponent. But how do you unlock him exactly?

Unfortunate for anyone looking to play this character, you will have to either put a lot of money into the game or be forced to put massive amounts of time into the game. Season 2’s Battle Pass only featured 70 tiers but Season 3 bumped that number up to 100 and the John Wick skin is the very last thing you’ll be unlocking with this Battle Pass.

This means you’ll have to pay a lot of money. 150 V-Bucks a tier, to buy your way through to the skin. Alternatively you can just clock a lot of hours this season and unlock the skin naturally. You do have to purchase the Battle Pass and it’s possible the additional discounted tiers are still available if you haven’t purchased into the Battle Pass yet.

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If you’ve been watching various Fortnite: Battle Royale streamers on Twitch then chances are they have paid their way through to the end of the pass and not played hundreds of hours to unlock everything yet.

Season 3 runs from February 22 to April 30 so players will have plenty of time to get this next Season Pass completed. New weekly challenges pop up every week so players also have plenty of opportunity to rank up in a timely fashion. Despite having 30 extra tiers this season the Battle Pass will still take 75-150 hours to complete which means experience has been boosted to take into account the new tiers.

Although one of the coolest skins is locked behind hours of progression, there are still a number of cool skins you can obtain along the way such as the astronaut skins, especially the black astronaut skin.

If you’re willing to drop some additional money into the game there are some additional skins that might be worth your cash. Most recently the Wukong skin was debuted into the game and certainly looked like it was worth the money. Many of the new skins that enter the game cost a premium of $20 so that could end up being a little too high of a barrier to cross for many players.

Of course, none of the skins debuted into the game cost as much as the John Wick skin does if you’re willing to buy your way through the Battle Pass. We’ll probably see some more interesting skins coming in the future if Epic Games keeps up the good work.

While the John Wick skin will no longer be available once the season is over, you’ll still be able to obtain the Wiggle Fortnite emote.

Fortnite: Battle Royale is out now on Xbox One, PS4, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch and PC via the Epic Games Launcher. For more Fortnite: Battle Royale coverage, content and guides stay with us here at Heavy. Make sure you check out the rest of our gaming coverage too.

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