Friday the 13th: The Game to Add Legendary Perks

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Coming off a buff to Jason, it looks like counselors in Friday the 13th: The Game are receiving a buff of their own to help even the playing field with Jason.

The new updates to Jason which made him a little speedier and increased his grab range has been met with a mixed reception and it looks like more fuel will be thrown onto the fire very soon.

Perks are being reworked which will result in the addition of Legendary Perks into the game. These perks will pretty much be the same as the current perks but will instead have three stats instead of the current two. On top of that it looks like the third stat will positively affect the perks.

A rough look at what the future update could look at is available to look at below.

Gun Media

Here is what Gun Media has to say about the new perk system:

For example: You could roll a Legendary Lead Foot Perk with +19 Car Driving Speed, -2 Boat Driving Speed, with a bonus of +4 Car Start Speed.


You could roll a Legendary Medic Perk with 2 Med Spray uses, an +8 Health Increase, +5 incoming attack damage, with a +3 to Repair Speed.

We’ll release a full listing of Legendary Bonus Stats a little closer to when the next update releases.

Additionally, we’re also seeing a change to many of the current perks. You can find the full list of changes below. You can read the full announcement post right here.

Easy Listening – Radio proximity recharge rate boost:

  • Old Value: 1-10%
  • New Value: 10-40%

 Motorboating – Boat movement speed increase

  • Old Value: 1-15%
  • New Value: 5-35%

Man at Arms – Weapon durability increase

  • Old Value: 5-25%
  • New Value: 5-15%

 My Dads a Cop – Cop arrival time reduction

  • Old Value: -5 – -30%
  • New Value: -5 – -25%

 Quiet Swimmer – Sense detection chance reduction

  • Old Value: 1-25%
  • New Value: 5-20%

 Lead Foot – Car speed increase

  • Old Value: 1-10%
  • New Value: 5-20%

Aquanaut – Swimming speed increase

  • Old Value: 1-15%
  • New Value: 5-35%

Weapon swapping and the ability to change keybindings are also coming with a future update to the game.

Instead of being locked into a certain weapon with each Jason, such as a pickaxe with Part 2 and a Spear with Part 6, players will now have the option to mix and match the weapons to their liking. This will be unlocked once you reach a certain progression level and will be available to everyone free of charge.

Custom keybindings are only for those who play on PC. According to Gun Media, this has been a request from PC players for quite some time so it’s cool to see it finally coming to the game.

The team announced it was bringing dedicated servers to both PS4 and Xbox One which meant the major updates would be pushed back until that is finished. Jason X has been teased in the Virtual Cabin so we expect that is on the way along with new maps and, eventually, the new Paranoia game mode.

For more Friday the 13th: The Game news, features and guides stay with us here at Heavy.

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