All PUBG Weapons Skins & How to Get Them

The latest update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has officially dropped and it’s bringing sets of weapon skins to the game. These cosmetic unlockables allow players to personalize their weapons and give them a bit more flair on the battlefield. However, like all the other cosmetics they are not easily obtained and there will be some randomness involved for which ones you get. Here’s how to unlock the weapon skins in PUBG.

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How to Get Weapon Skins

PUBG Weapon Skin Crate

Currently, the only way to unlock weapon skins in PUBG is by either purchasing or being rewarded one of two special loot crates. The first loot box is called the Raider Crate #1 and this can be purchased directly from the loot menu for 1,200 BP. There are no keys tied to this, however, the cost will double after every crate purchase that week. This price will lower back down to 1,200 after a week, so we recommend never paying over the base cost for the Raider Crate #1.

The second loot box tied to the new weapon skins is the Triumph Crate. You can only earn this by purchasing crates with BP and being randomly assigned it. Keep in mind, there are also four cosmetic clothing crates you could get instead, so this is not the most consistent option. Additionally, once you actually have the Triumph Crate you’ll have to purchase a Weapon Crate Key for $2.50 to even unlock it. If you don’t mind spending real-world money then it might be worth watching the Steam Community Market. Players often sell unwanted crates or skins for varying prices so you may be able to snatch the one you want on the cheap.

Finally, players can earn a special PUBG anniversary skin for the SCAR-L. This will be awarded when you log on the game for free.

How to Apply Weapon Skins

Putting these skins on your weapons is far easier than actually obtaining them. Simply go to the main menu and then select the Customization tab at the top of the screen. A new section titled “Weapons” has been added that houses all of your unique gun skins. Click on this and you’ll be brought to a screen that shows off your collection of weapon skins.

From here simply select the weapon skins you have unlocked and then his “Equip” at the bottom. The bow housing the skin should turn yellow, indicating that this is the skin you currently have equipped for that weapon. You can also get a better look at the weapon skin on the right of the screen.

PUBG Weapons Skin List

Raider Crate #1

  • Rugged (Beige) – S686
  • Rugged (Beige) – Crossbow
  • Rugged (Beige) – M16A4
  • Rugged (Beige) – SKS
  • Rugged (Beige) – S12K
  • Silver Plate – R1895 (Revolver)
  • Jungle Digital – P18C
  • Silver Plate – DP-28
  • Silver Plate – S1897
  • Silver Plate – Vector
  • Jungle Digital – SKS
  • Turquoise Delight – P92
  • Jungle Digital – AWM
  • Silver Plate – SCAR-L
  • Turquoise Delight – Tommy Gun
  • Turquoise Delight – M16A4
  • Turquoise Delight – Kar98
  • Gold Plate – S686

Triumph Crate

PUBG Triumph Crate

  • Rugged (Orange) – UMP9
  • Desert Digital – R45
  • Rugged (Orange) – Kar98
  • Rugged (Orange) – AKM
  • Rugged (Orange) – M416
  • Rugged (Orange) – SCAR-L
  • Trifecta – P1911
  • Gold Plate – Winchester Model 1984
  • Gold Plate – Sawed-off
  • Trifecta – Micro Uzi
  • Desert Digital – Mini 14
  • Desert Digital – M24
  • Desert Digital – M416
  • Trifecta – SCAR-L
  • Gold Plate – SKS
  • Gold Plate – S12K
  • Glory – UMP9
  • Glory – AKM
  • Gold Rush Set (Gold Plate)
  • Van Helsing Set (Silver Plate)

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