Sea of Thieves Ships & How to Sail the Galleon and Sloop

Sea of Thieves

If you want to forge your reputation as the most fearsome pirate in Rare’s newest game, Sea of Thieves, you’ll want to know how to actually start the ship. There are two core types of ships – Galleons and Sloops – each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

However, Sea of Thieves never directly tells you how to make these ships move, so you’ll need to explore this vessel first hand. Since both of the ships are fairly different we will break down how to start up each of these ships.

How to Sail the Sloop

Sea of Thieves Sloop

For those looking to pillage by themselves or use a smaller, faster ship then look no further than the Sloop. This single sail vessel is quite manageable – even if you are playing by yourself – so don’t fret if you can’t find a crew. To actually start your voyage you’ll need to raise the anchor and lower the sails, both of which can be done right by the steering wheel.

When you get on board, head up to the steering area and approach the horizontal wheel in the back. This controls your anchor and can only be raised/lowered manually. To do this walk up to the anchor controls and press F (PC) / X (Xbox One) to grab hold of the handle. Now move forward to slowly pull the anchor up from the water. The game will let you know once it’s completed, so don’t worry about wasting time going in circles. If you want to lower the anchor all you have to do is interact with it once to instantly drop it to the seafloor.

Now that the anchor is lowered you’ll have to lower the sails which can also be done by the steering wheel. To lower the sails approach the first set of ropes labeled “Sail Length,” interact with it, and then press down on the S key (PC)/control stick (Xbox One). This will instantly lower the sails and if your anchor is up the ship will begin moving. You can then direct this ship by using the steering wheel and moving the sails via the ropes by the anchor wheel.

To stop the ship simply drop the anchor and then pull the sail back up to stop your boat. It’s highly recommended to do this earlier rather than later otherwise you risk crashing your ship.

How to Sail the Galleon


If you’re looking to play with friends then the Galleon is the boat for you. This massive ship is not recommended to be manned alone and will require communication with your team. To start this ship you’ll need to raise the anchor and lower the sails. You can find the anchor wheel in the front of the ship next to one of the masts and cannons. Press F (PC)/X (Xbox One) to interact with this item and then push forward to slowly raise the anchor. This is a slow process, but your entire crew can join in to speed up the process.

Once the anchor is raised go where the ropes connect near the stairs leading upwards. From here you can raise or lower the sails via your control stick. There are two sets and having both down will make your vessel move much faster. However, you only need one down to actually have the galleon move, so weigh your options before setting off on your adventure. To drive the Galleon simply use the steering wheel on the raised section. This is a very big boat, so make sure to have at least one person manning the sails/rudder to ensure a quick stop if something happens.

Remember, it’s better to drop the anchor and raise the sails sooner rather than later if you want to stop. If you’re not quick enough the boat has a chance of crashing against some rocks or the shore which will cause damage or sink your ship. It’s not the responsibility of the actual driver to apply the breaks in Sea of Thieves, that is the role of the other three crew members.

With a bit of practice, you should be able to quickly get your ship going within seconds of boarding it. Make sure everyone knows their role before setting sail or you may be joining Davy Jones at the bottom of the sea.

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