20 Sea of Thieves Gameplay Videos You Need to See Before Launch

Sea of Thieves Gameplay videos

Pirate games have always been finicky, at best, as we’ve certainly seen our fair share of big hits and big duds over the past 10 years. But if there’s one thing that’s clear right now, it’s that Microsoft’s big upcoming pirate adventure Sea of Thieves is going to be huge (and it WILL be one of the most talked about and streamed games of the year).

Why? It’s because virtually everyone who played the beta is talking about their Sea of Thieves gameplay experience, bragging to their friends about stealing someone else’s booty, having their ship sunken by now-rival pirates, winning sword fights, and more piratey stuff. There’s seriously a lot of fun to be had in this game, and I can’t stress enough that it shouldn’t be overlooked.

But if you didn’t get a chance to play in the open beta and have no idea what to expect, fear not; the list below contains 20 Sea of Thieves gameplay videos that should steer your ship in the right purchasing decision.

Below, we’ve selected some of the best videos that show-off exactly what Sea of Thieves is about, and you’ll find much more useful information here than you would get from any of those ridiculously staged E3 demos we’ve seen for Sea of Thieves so far.

So if you’re thinking about throwing on that black eye patch, dusting off that old pirate hat, and strapping on your peg leg, here are all of the best Sea of Thieves gameplay videos to help you make your final decision before the game’s release on March 20th on Xbox One and PC.

1. Playing Music With Your Pirate Crew

Playing with your friends is going to make Sea of Thieves an essential multiplayer game, and as the video above shows, there are definitely some hilarious hijinx to be had (like teaming up to play a pirate jig).

2. Enter the Ghost Ship

Get a good look at the Ghost Ship, where all good pirates go when they die.

3. Hilarious Questing

StoneMountain Plays has one of the most amusing Sea of Thieves gameplay videos on YouTube right now, and it’s clear that him and his bros know how to have a good time in a video game.

The video above also gives you a pretty extensive look, showcasing some questing.

4. Epic Ship Battles

Blitz has some great Sea of Thieves gameplay videos already, and we can’t wait to see more. This bit of gameplay is a good showcase for PvP ship battles against other pirates you’ll encounter on the high seas.

5. Sharks, Skeletons, and Finding Treasure

Fan-favorite streamer MassiveG definitely seems all-in on Sea of Thieves, and this vid shows a lot of the basics for the upcoming adventure game.

6. Official Sea of Thieves Gameplay Launch Trailer

The official gameplay trailer from developer Rare, with some meaty quotes from some of the biggest gaming sites on the web.

7. Galleon vs. Galleon Action

GhostwolfGames has a good look at some ship battles. One thing to also note here with this Let’s Play video is the beautiful graphics, especially — have you ever seen water THAT blue?

8. The Crow’s Nest

MoreMuselk has a good look at the Crow’s Nest view and what sort of things you’ll be looking for. The title of the video is a bit clickbaity, but skip to the marker for a good look at the Crow’s Nest.

9. Developer Gameplay (All Aboard the Party Boat)

An official Sea of Thieves gameplay video from Rare developers (and an intern).

10. Mad Lootz

Blitz has another video showing a lucrative run. Notice how much fun him and his crew are having playing this. If that doesn’t get you excited for the March 20 release date, I don’t know what will.

11. Sailing Solo

OperatorDrewski gives us a look at what it’s like to sail sol0 in Sea of Thieves. Yes — that’s right, you can actually play this game on your own. So if you’re more of a lone pirate who doesn’t trust anyone, this gameplay is for you.  #foreveralone.

12. We’re Pirates (Typical Gamer)

Check out popular YouTuber Typical Gamer’s Sea of Thieves gameplay during the beta period. This gives a GREAT look at what it’s like JUST starting out and getting your bearings in Sea of Thieves, including choosing your character.

13. Hunting Chickens and Pigs in Sea of Thieves

YouTuber jackfrags  gives us a hilarious look at hunting down chickens and pigs, as well as a look at getting so drunk you can’t even look at yourself in the mirror the next morning.

14. Sea of Thieves Gameplay in 4K on Xbox One X

Ready up Live gives up an hour look at some absolutely beautiful Sea of Thieves Xbox One X gameplay, showcasing the games impressive visuals, smooth framerate, and colorful presentation. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

15. Secret Treasure of the Pirate King!

Another great SoT gameplay video from Blitz that’s a lot of fun to watch. This time, him and his crew are showing fans the destruction of a pirate fortress. The video shows just how much fun searching for gold and hunting down other pirates can be.

16. Coordinating a Tactical Takedown of Another Galleon

MoreMuselk has another gameplay video that’s well worth the watch as well, showcasing how to coordinate a successful, tactical takedown of another pirate crew’s galleon.

17. Throwing Other Players in a Jail Cell in Sea of Thieves

That’s right, as Mexsus shows, you can actually throw other players in a jail cell if you can persuade them to cease fire for the safety of their own life.

18. Drinking Grogg with AngryJoe at E3

Popular YouTuber Angry Joe (AngryJoeShow) captured some great gameplay moments at E3 2017 last year. Here’s him messing around with a pirate crew, including drinking some grogg. Why share this video, specifically? It showcases the absolutely crazy, feel-good vibes you’re going to get when playing with friends.

Also, you know, puke. Gross.

19. Samara Redway Lives Out Her Pirate Dreams

Popular YouTuber Samara Redway also jumped into Sea of Thieves, going full pirate (terrible pirate accent, included). But the point needs to be made that in a lot of these gameplay vids, you’re hearing a lot of players taking on a full pirate persona, accent and all.

20. The Weapons of Sea of Thieves

Despite the framerate issues of this video by The Games Lighthouse, it’s a GREAT look at the many different weapons you’ll be using when the game releases next week. He also lightly goes into the pros and cons of each gun, which will be helpful for when you jump in.

Looking good? You can pick up Sea of Thieves on Amazon here.

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