How Much is a Pace in Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves

Rare, Microsoft Studios

Sea of Thieves is upon us and with it comes hours of traveling the seas with your crew and finding oodles of treasure, and to do that, you’re going to need to know how to measure paces in Sea of Thieves.

One thing you will be doing a lot of in the new pirate adventure from Rare is digging up treasure chests. Your character is equipped with a shovel and that will be your best friend throughout your time with Sea of Thieves.

During your playtime you’ll come across maps that ask you to go to various islands and find different treasure chests. One thing this maps will ask you to do is to take X amount of paces northwest or something along those lines.

What actually defines a pace in Sea of Thieves?

Good question and we actually have a definitive answer for you.

While you can guess the actual distance of a pace we actually have the exact measurement for you so you’ll never have to worry about walking too far or too little ever again. To measure a pace all you have to do is pull out your compass and hold down the Right Trigger if you’re using an Xbox One controller and Left-Click if you’re on PC.

Sea of Thieves

This will hold your compass out in front of you and your controller will vibrate with each pace you take. If you’re on PC without a controller you will also be able to listen to your character’s feet shuffle on the ground and count paces that way. If done correctly you should be able to whip out your shuffle and strike the chest on your first attempt.

By learning how to count your paces it makes searching for treasure a lot easier. You’ll no longer have to wander around aimlessly digging a million holes. You’ll also be able to impress your friends with your ability to find treasure on the first try every time. You should probably share the information with the rest of the crew if you don’t want them to hate you.

The name of the game is getting more chests than everyone and getting more loot for better gear and weapons. This will be made a whole lot easier if you are able to streamline your treasure hunting and getting off islands as quick as possible.

With enough practice your compass might not even be needed for counting paces. Practice makes perfect so you’ll become a pro in no time if you just keep counting those paces. You’ll soon become the envy of your crew if you master the art of the pace.

Sea of Thieves releases March 20 for Xbox One and PC. The game is an Xbox Play Anywhere title meaning a digital copy on Xbox One will also get you a copy on PC and vice-versa. For more Sea of Thieves guides and news make sure to check out the rest of our gaming coverage.

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