New Overwatch Retribution Skins: The Complete List (2018)

Overwatch Uprising

The newest event for Blizzard’s hit FPS Overwatch has arrived and it’s taking us back in time. Titled Retribution, this event brings back the highly praised Uprising PvE (Player vs Environment) game mode along with a plethora of new skins and cosmetic items. In addition to Uprising, users will also get to try a new PvE event that has players assume the role of Blackwatch members taking down a Talon operative in Venice, Italy. Not only is this a new mode, but this will give users a brief glimpse at the upcoming Rialto map.

Retributions’ other big draw will be the collection of new skins that are coming to Overwatch. Along with the new outfits that released today, all of the skins from last year’s Uprising event will be available too. These older cosmetics will not be priced at the inflated rate so Legendary skins will run you 1,000 coins instead of 3,000. If you are looking to purchase some of these cosmetics during the event we highly recommend you wait until the final day. One of the last things you want is to pay for a skin only to get a duplicate of it a few days later.

Here are all of the new skins for the Overwatch Retribution event:

Soldier: 24 – Reaper

Blackwatch – Moira

Overwatch Retribution Moira

Scion – Hanzo

Overwatch Retribution Hanzo

Talon – Doomfist

Overwatch Retribution Doomfist

Talon – Sombra

Overwatch Retribution Sombra

Pajamei – Mei

Specimen 28 – Winston

Overwatch Retribution Winston

Equalizer – Lucio

Overwatch Retribution

This month’s new event revolves around Reaper, Moira, Genji, and McCree going after a high ranking Talon leader. While the specifics of the mission haven’t been revealed, we do know that users will have to contest with multiple types of enemies. These range from typical soldiers to fast-moving assassins, and even snipers who can teleport. Retribution is a turning point in the Overwatch lore, as Reaper finally starts going against the organization’s wishes.

It will be interesting to see how Genji and Moira factor into this since the former now works for Overwatch and the latter hasn’t been really explored. There will no doubt be a ton of easter eggs for players to uncover. While there are a lot of events, these flashback ones have always been the most focused on the lore. This is a nice change of a pace, especially for those who have invested in certain characters or factions.

Additionally, we fully expect difficulty based sprays to make a return for those looking to truly prove themselves. Given how merciless the Uprising event was on the highest difficulty, expect any challenge-based sprays to be incredibly rare. Make sure to bring a few friends if you plan to tackle the higher difficulty version of this event. Communication is key for the PvE game modes, especially when it comes to coordinating your abilities and ultimates. These will certainly be one of the most difficult events that players have to complete.

Overwatch’s Retribution event will run until April 30.

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