PUBG’s New Event is Melee Weapons and Shotguns


Close quarters fighting is something that doesn’t happen as often as one would think in Playerunknown’s Battleground. A lot of this is due to the map design that encourages users to fight at longer distances. This makes weapons such as shotguns rarely used since their limited range is usually a liability in most firefights. However, it appears that Bluehole Studios are rectifying this issue and giving users a chance to show off their boomstick skills.

A special three-day event has officially been revealed that will only feature shotguns and melee weapons. All other weapons, regardless of what they are, will be removed and these weapons will have a 3x spawn rate. Crates will also be disabled and level 3 helmets will have a 3x spawn rate alongside the increased 0.5x spawn rate for level three armor.

Ammo will also have an increased spawn rate, just in case you keep missing your shots. Additionally, players will be able to see the safe area as soon as they load up on the plane. The safety circle will also be smaller, encouraging users to battle it out at point-blank range. Finally, the time of day will be locked at sunrise and the map will only be Miramar.

This will be for squads only, so make sure to round up a few friends before deciding to try this mode. PUBG’s new event officially begins tonight at 10PM ET and runs until April 7. Unlike the last event which included the Flare Gun, there are no new weapons, items, or armor pieces available. You will only have access to what’s currently in the game.

What will be interesting is to see how much of an impact melee weapons have during this event. Outside of the pan, melee weapons are virtually never used in PUBG regardless of the situation. Having a game mode that pushes them into the spotlight is certainly an intriguing concept. Make sure to try and get your pan kill achievement during the event!

If you’re planning to try this event out we recommend running the S686 and the S12K. The double barrel outputs an insane amount of damage, allowing it to quickly dispatch foes. In contrast, the S12K is great for suppressing targets or taking out vehicles that will certainly try to run you over. Get in the habit of switching weapons instead of just reloading to ensure your foe cannot gain the advantage in a firefight. Additionally, we recommend that you go in with the mindset that everyone will be hiding around corners. Shotguns are great for surprises and we fully expect people to just camp in buildings during this event.

When playing with your squad don’t enter a room or building in a row. While this is typically a good tip to live by in general, it’s especially true here. A skilled shotgun user can down entire teams for being reckless and just charging in. Be methodical and don’t give in to the over-aggressive mentality that others will follow. No one wants to end their game with a belly full of buckshot after all.

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