Radical Heights: How to Get and Find Guns

Radical Heights

Radical Heights is the newest battle royale game to hit the market. Just like the other titles in this genre, matches start with a hundred players who use everything in their power to kill one another until one player is left standing. There are a few ways you can deal death to your foes, but the most common method is by using a gun. There are a plethora of different weapons that range from pistols to shotguns to rocket launchers. However, obtaining these weapons isn’t always going to be easy and it may take a few games before you can really use some firepower. Here’s a breakdown of how to get and where to find guns in Radical Heights.

How to Get Guns

The easiest way to obtain a firearm is by purchasing them at the various vending machines scattered throughout the map. These are one-time use machines and will always have a fixed rate. You will need in-game cash to purchase a firearm from a vending machine. Prices typically range between $100-$1,500 depending on the weapon type and rarity. Vending machines will only count the money you’re carrying and not what’s in your bank account.

You can find vending machines scattered throughout Radical Heights’ map, but they are more common in urban locations. Look around shopping areas, gas stations, and stores for these machines. There aren’t a ton of these weapon stations in the suburbs or mountains, so make sure to have a gun before venturing out into the wilds. The main guns we recommend purchasing are the assault rifles or the shotgun. Both of these archetypes are exceptionally powerful and pretty cheap compared to items like the sniper rifle.

There are also various firearms scattered throughout the world and in different buildings. The rarity and weapon type appears to be completely random, so make sure to keep an eye out for these guns. Two of the best places we found for locating free guns are motels and the large grocery store. You can usually find at least one assault rifle here, a backpack, and typically some armor. They’re great starting locations, but sadly you’re at the mercy of Radical Height’s random spawn system in the current build.

Radical Heights

Remember, you can only hold three of them at any time, so try and balance what you’re carrying. Having nothing but close quarters weapons will leave you vulnerable to anyone shooting from a distance. Finding weapons in the wild is rarer, but it certainly can save you some cash.

Another way to obtain a gun is simply by taking one off the person you kill. This is another great way to save yourself from spending a ton of cash. Make sure to pick up the ammo boxes that drop too, since all firearms acquired will be completely empty. Finally, you can earn guns during the prize moments like Spin-to-Win or loot drops. These will typically offer high-value items but at the risk of being killed while you wait for your gun. Since everyone can see the event locations on their map, users should expect other players to make an appearance.

When you land in Radical Heights your first task should be locating a firearm. Aim for locations that would have both an ATM and a weapon vending machine. Being able to quickly withdrawal money to purchase a gun will save you a ton of time. If you want to win in Radical Heights, knowing where and how to get a gun is key.

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