5 Bowmasters Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Bowmasters is a smash hit and rightfully so!

Playgendary took a decidedly simple formula (aiming a projectile at your foe, flinging it into the sky, and hoping it lands right in your rival pin cushion) and adapted it into a addictive mobile game. With a nice and varied collection of characters, weapons, achievements, and more, Bowmasters throws a lot at the player. Your skill as a mobile archer will definitely improve if you pay close attention to all the essential tips and tricks listed in this guide.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Bowmasters:

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1. Go Full Power During Every Shot & Test Out Your Angles

Bowmasters Tips


Bowmasters is all about taking your opponent out from a distance. When a match begins, you should test out the distance between you and your foe during your first few shots. It’s always a good move to always go for an attack that’s at 100-percent power. As for the range, aim towards a percentage that’s between 10 and 20-percent.

• After landing an attack on your opponent, keep a close eye on where they’re positioned after getting back up. If they get back on their feet and stay in the exact same spot they were in before, your next shot should stick to the exact same range percentage. If they get knocked back a bit, adjust your next shot accordingly by throwing your projectile a bit farther (push up your range percentage by an increase of three or more, for example).

2. Become Knowledgeable About Bowmasters’ Armory

Bowmasters Tips


• So not only are there a ton of characters to collect during your time spent with Bowmasters, there’s also a varied lineup of weapons to become accustomed to. All of those weapons are tied to different weapon types. The standard weapons are Normal/Straight Projectiles. These weapons may be small and fly straight most of the time, but they deal serious headshot damage.

• Then there’s Circular/Rotating Projectiles. These weapons are heavier in stature and travel a bit slower in midair, plus their attack damage isn’t very high. But landing a hit with this projectile type is a much simpler task, even when your aim isn’t exactly spot on. As for the final weapon type, there’s Special Projectiles. This weapon type include outlandish projectiles, such as a Magic Card and even a Gamepad. This weapon type mashes together aspects of the last two weapon types, plus they activate a special ability after you tap the screen during its midair trip. Try out all three weapon types to get a feel for which one works best for you.

3. So How Do You Unlock All the Game’s Modes?

Bowmasters Tips


• So once you start your ascent to greatness in Bowmasters, you’ll only be able to battle against CPU-controlled opponents. After you win a total of seven times against them, you’ll unlock the Bird Hunt mode. This mode challenges you to take down birds in order to gain more coins.

• Win 10 matches against the AI and you’ll unlock the option to play Apple Shooting. This mode is all about trying to shoot an apple off of your hapless associate’s head. Winning 20 matches against the AI lets you finally unlock the chance to play against human opponents. And finally, you’ll unlock the Tournament mode after winning 20 matches against the CPU.

4. Get Your Coins & Knock Out Those Achievements


• There’s a myriad of ways to fill up your pockets with more coins. Simply win matches, land headshots, and pull off Fatalities. You can also acquire more coins through playing Bird Hunt mode (hit those timer power ups and increase your coin payout after taking down some extra birds). Hitting 15 ducks usually awards you with 300 coins. You should also refer to the Achievements tab to see which ones you’re close to completing. Most of them award you with extra coins for your winning efforts.

5. Watching Video Advertisements is Always Beneficial

• Like most mobile games, Bowmasters features the option to let you play video advertisements. When that option is presented to you, always take a few quick seconds out of your game time to watch ’em. Once they’re done, they’ll give you a few benefits – a free retry if you die during a match, plus an extra boost in awarded coins or other rewards after opening a time-locked chest.

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