10 Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Cash Inc Tips

Lion Studios

The App Store and Google Play storefront have been overtaken by a hot new craze – idle clicker games!

These types of mobile experiences don’t require much from the player – you tap on a few things to keep the action going, step away for a while, and return to see what the game’s been doing for you since your absence. Most of these games stick to a theme centered around running a business. That concept is front and center in Lion Studios’ smash hit, Cash Inc. The following guide will prepare you for a life full of successful businesses, an avalanche of cash, and a high ranking on the leaderboards.

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Cash Inc.:

Download the Cash Inc. APK here.

1. Increase Each Business’ Rate of Income on the Regular

Cash Inc Tips

Lion Studios

• Your main purpose within Cash Inc. is to gain as much money as possible by opening new businesses. The first step towards reaching that goal is by paying a light fee to open up your Comic Store. The green tab on the right increases the amount of money made by a open business within a certain time frame.

• After a while, you’ll have enough cash to open several stores and assorted companies. After unlocking three of four businesses, it’s best to focus on raising their rate of income instead of paying to open up new businesses as soon as they become purchasable. Let your businesses make you tons more money through this method and you may have enough funds to buy multiple new companies at once!

2. When You Have Enough Money for a VIP, Buy He/She Immediately!

Cash Inc Tips

Lion Studios

• Eventually, you’ll grow tired of tapping on an open business in order for it to make you some extra income. VIPs step in to handle that responsibility by managing a preferred company without your physical input. As soon as you have the funds to do so, hire a VIP for their Auto Collect ability. The VIP purchase listing’s prices grow higher with each manager and their chosen company booster. So the more money you make, the better your VIPs will become. Everything within your towering headquarters will become much more manageable over time with the assistance of VIPs.


Cash Inc Tips

Lion Studios

• Each business gets an added booster once you help it reach a certain Milestone. Click on the second tab on the bottom row to see what those Milestones entail. Increasing the rate of money a company makes within a certain time limit helps increase the small yellow meter tied to it. Hitting a certain number on that meter helps fulfill a Milestone condition.

• Once reached, that company will become even more of a money maker. Focus on hitting as many Milestones as possible for your Comic Book store first. Since it’s the cheapest one to manage, it’s much easier to reach its Milestone qualifications. Once you reach Milestone Level 300 for a business, adopt that method for the next company.


Cash Inc Tips

Lion Studios

• Your high business acumen and success will eventually get the attention of a Mr. Monopoly-type fellow. He’ll give you the option of selling everything you’ve acquired up to that point in exchange for a few things – a fresh restart, a fresh new building, and a 2-percent boost in your total income. Take this offer ASAP when it’s presented to your for the the first time!

• After that, go about your business and rebuild your status to a high level again to get another chance at rising to fame. You’ll be presented with the opportunity to watch a video advertisement to add 20-percent more Fame to your total Fame value when it’s time to start all over again. It’s wise to take this amazing offer every time it presents itself. Always remember that you get 2-percent bonus to your total income for every piece of Fame you have.

5. So What Should You Spend Your Fame On?

• Fame can be used to purchase some extra helpful boosters. Since Fame is pretty hard to come by, you should gather as much of it as possible before you spend it on something. That means you should put your first few bits of Fame towards the “Boost the Biz” booster. That booster does an amazing job of increasing your business profits x3! After that’s purchased, spend your Fame on whatever you’d like.

6. Nab Those Free Crystals ASAP!

• While Cash Inc. tries to push you towards spending real money on Crystals, it’s possible to get a good amount of them for free! Just click on the Settings button at the top right corner of the screen. Once that menu opens, check out the methods needed to acquire those free Crystals. All you have to do is connect your Facebook account to the game and follow all three of the its social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Keep an eye on those social media channels to get gift card codes. These codes will give you an assortment of goodies that even includes extra Crystals!

• You can also gain free Crystals just by sharing the game with your friend via email. Every time one of your buddies downloads and plays the game through your unique link, you’ll be gifted with some extra Crystals!

7. You Should Only Spend Your Crystals on Multipliers

• Crystals can be used to purchase Time Jumps, income multipliers, and even Fame! Don’t waste your Crystals on Time Jumps, though. Patience is key, so spending some extra time with the game is worth more than wasting your Crystals on a Time Jump because of your impatience. Wait it out and make that money the hard way! What you should put your Crystals towards are income multipliers – these boosters give you a huge jump in the total cash your businesses accrue!

8. Keep an Eye out for Flying Animals and Other Airborne Oddities

• While you’re actively running your tower of businesses, pay attention to everything happening on your screen. From time to time, you’ll spot some strange flying objects in the sky. Pigs and cows with wings tend to pop up alongside paper airplanes made of cash and even UFO’s. Make sure you tap on of these oddities to get a huge cash reward! Sometimes, they’ll even give you the option of watching a video advertisement that gifts you with an income booster of some kind.


• Once the Spin-to-Win minigame pops up at the left corner of your screen, tap it immediately! You’ll have to sit through a video advertisement at first, but then you’ll get to spin the wheel for a chance at winning either Crystals, Golden Tickets, or a Time Skip.

• After making a spin, you’ll have to wait another hour before you get the chance to do it again. Once you build up enough cash to open up your very own Galactic Station, put your Golden Tickets to work and use them to boost that company’s income intake. Since that business makes you the most money, those extra Golden Ticket boosters will make it even more of a hot money making commodity!

10. Don’t Forget to Pick Up Your Free Multiplier and Double Your Idle Profits

Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Clicker Game Trailer | Idle Games 2017 | Free game for Android & iPhoneCash, Inc. – alegrium.com/cashinc From the creator of Billionaire. clicker game, here comes one of the best idle games 2017. A business simulator clicker game about fame and fortune. Start from the bottom and end up high! Pile up money, partner with superstars, and be the richest, most famous tycoon in this money clicker game!…2017-10-26T11:49:23.000Z

Cash Inc. allows you to watch video advertisements in order to get these booster types – a x2 income multiplier and a chance to increase the time duration of that multiplier. Never pass up a chance to watch these ads – sitting through a few seconds of an ad means you’ll be gifted with boosters that greatly increases your profits.

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