Dungeon Hunter Champions Tips & Tricks to Winning

Dungeon Hunter Champions Tips

Dungeon Hunter Champions is an RPG lovingly crafted by Gameloft, one of the most esteemed mobile game developers on the market. The game may look like every MOBA you’ve tried on mobile, but there are some key differences. For one, the graphics are done in similar style to Clash Royale and other similar games. This makes it significantly easier on your phone, even during boss raids.

Secondly, there is no vast world to wander around in. Instead, the main adventure is divided into small chunks that give rewards simply for completing them. This makes for short play sessions (if you choose) with plenty of chances to go in and level up your team before the next big fight.

Thirdly, microtransactions are implemented in a healthy manner that will not push players toward them. Instead, they remain a simple compliment to the overall game, allowing those who want to spend the money to do so without having too much of an advantage over other players. This is not a pay-to-win scheme.

That doesn’t mean Dungeon Hunter Champions is easy. Once you get to the upper levels, the enemies get tougher and it is very important to keep an eye on your stats. As such, here are some Dungeon Hunter Champions tips & tricks to winning.

Leveling Up Your Champions

Daily Quests

Dungeon Hunter Champions has a lot of gifts to give and daily quests is a large chunk of that. These quests will reward you with include gems, coins, energy, experience points, and PVP energy.

Most Daily Quests are very easy to achieve, all you need to do is play the game, either in the main adventure mode, or the Arena. Most will encourage players to grind and try a variety of modes and levels withinDungeon Hunter Champions, like beating Golden Bull Demon King in a Boss Raid 5 times. It is important to stay as involved as possible, as the game is always going to give you plenty of rewards.

Watch Ads

If you take a look at the Shop section under the “Free” tab, you’ll see a selection of rewards for watching ads. These rewards include a Mystery Crate, 3 gems, 1 potion, 1 PVP energy, and 5 energy. They are not much, and each can only be done twice a day, but if you have the patience the rewards are worth it.

Luckily, the ads for Dungeon Hunter Champions are more interesting than Gardenscapes and Word Link. Thus far, I’ve seen a God of War trailer and a rather random ad for a new Breaking Benjamin album, so they are really not that bad.

The Black Market

In the Shop, you can see another tab labeled “Black Market.” Tap there and you will see a wide selection of items available to purchase with in-game coins. All are relatively cheap but can seem costly if you have not done any grinding in awhile.

The items cycle approximately every 2 hours and can include new champions, soul discs, armor, and more depending on how many slots you purchased. You can use all of these to upgrade your party or gain a new member.


dungeon hunter champions tips

Expect to do a lot of grinding unless you want to pay to win. Luckily, the Daily Quests and main missions will encourage you to do this regardless. Grinding will get you tons of coins, experience points, and material to level up your party. If you don’t like grinding, either find your way to the microtransactions or your patience will be tested. Strap in and settle in for the long run, and maybe turn auto on so you don’t have to watch your phone every second.

Complete Missions

One of the best Dungeon Hunter Champions tips we can give you is to complete missions. Missions are usually to do with the main quest, but there are plenty of challenges and rewards here too. Some missions require the player to finish certain sections of the board on a higher difficulty, others are more to do with PVP modes like arena fighting or summoning friends.

Be sure to check out the entire chapter’s worth once you start, as you might need to grind to achieve the harder ones. That said, most missions are perfectly achievable no matter your experience level and will reward you with energy, gems, coins, experience points, and PVP energy.

Why Should I Promote My Champions?

Once they have reached their level cap, yes you must promote your champion – but not before. Promoting a champion will give them another star, which boasts all of their stats and level. It is important to do this only once the champion has reached the level cap, as you only have one chance to do it.

You might as well get the most out of your champion by promoting them when they are as maxed out as possible. The promotion will send your champion beyond the level cap and current stats.

What Does Ascending Do?

You can only ascend your champions once you have completed Board 2 and won a Boss Raid or 10. Ascending a champion will unlock new skills and permanently increase base stats. Your champion will also get a fancy new look. The Bounty Hunter, for example, will gain 20% defense under synergy. This means he’ll be a little better at sticking with the team and defending members, especially the healers.

Doing Better In Battle

dungeon hunter champions tips

Equip And Upgrade Gear

Throughout your travels you are sure to have collected at least two or three full sets of armor; be sure to equip each piece to the appropriate champion. For example, Bounty Hunter could always use more attack bonuses, and Boon Sister needs defense more than anything.

After equipping, you must upgrade each piece as much as you can. This may take some grinding, depending on what your end goal is. You will gain all kinds of extra bonuses and skills for around level 5, 10, and beyond. Upgrading takes a lot of coin, however, so be prepared if you plan on doing it all in one sitting.

Another one of the best Dungeon Hunter Champions tips is to make sure you continually upgrade your gear.

Stay Close To Your Healer

During the battle itself, stay close to your healer. In most cases, this will be Boon Sister and she casts a regenerate health spell after every encounter and at short intervals during boss battles. If you are not within the radius of her spell, you will not heal.

It might be tempting to rush into battle ahead of everyone else, but you want to be at full health when you meet the more difficult bosses. If you’re going into battle without a healer, play strategically and use health potions sparingly. Treat it like Dark Souls if you must. It might take some time, but you will at least stay alive.

Don’t Turn Auto On

Unless your grinding on lower levels you know are easy, do not turn on the auto function. Auto uses your special skills too often and will not allow you to control your method of defense (ie, move out of the way). This function is only good if you are grinding and don’t fancy watching the same battle over and over again.

Use Special Skills Frugally

For the same reasons you shouldn’t turn auto on, you must use your special skills as little as possible. In fact, unless you are in a timed battle, wait until your health is a little less than half before you use those skills. You will often find that this defeats your enemies in one swoop, but if it doesn’t you must withdraw and avoid attacks until you either healed or your special skills are done cooling down.

Choose The Right Champions

Before you head into battle, you will see a screen that tells you what strengths your party has, versus your enemies. Take note of the following: Water (blue) beats Fire (red), Fire beats Plant (Green), Plant beats Water, and Lightning (yellow) beats Death (purple).

In case you’re not sure, Bounty Hunter (being colored predominately red) is Fire, Boon Sister is Water, and Naga is Fire. The clues remain in the character’s design and the color of their attack button. If you still can’t tell, you can see the appropriate icon next to their name when you look up their stats.

Choosing the right champion can mean the difference between a win and a defeat, so make sure you have a well-rounded team to pave your path to victory.

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