10 Pokemon Quest Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

pokemon quest tips

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Despite Pokemon Quest playing itself for most of the game, there’s still a lot you can do to ensure success whether you’re battling Pokemon or building the perfect team. Here are 10 Pokemon Quest tips you need to know:

1. Make Use of the Scatter Button

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While battling Pokemon on expeditions, you have access to a very useful function that the game doesn’t really tell you about. On the right side of the screen, you can press a button that makes your team move away from enemy Pokemon. This is often your only option for evading attacks, especially those clearly telegraphed with a white square on the map indicating where they land. So be sure to hit that button right before a move is unleashed to get out of the way.

The scatter button is also useful for repositioning your Pokemon if they get too crowded with enemies, especially if all the enemies gang up on one Pokemon.

You won’t be able to control where your Pokemon go when you hit the button, but it’s essential for protecting your team from being knocked out.

2. Pay Attention to Type Advantages

pokemon quest types

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Just like any other Pokemon game, Pokemon Quest has type advantages. That means that certain types of Pokemon are stronger against others. And that manifests in this game in the form of Type Bonuses.

Each world has a Bonus Type indicating which types of Pokemon would do the best when going on expeditions in that world. For example, Backforth Brook specializes in water-types. So since Backforth Brook specializes in water-types, the Bonus Type is grass since grass is strong against water.

When bringing in Pokemon of the same Type Bonus, those Pokemon have their damaged increased and receive less damage. You’ll notice on the bottom screen when selecting a stage that additional team strength is added when bringing Pokemon corresponding to the Bonus Type, indicating that your team is stronger for bringing that type of Pokemon.

3. Control Crowds of Pokemon

pokemon quest moves

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One thing that is essential to fighting Pokemon is to reposition yourself using moves. That way you can evade attacks and prevent being attacked by enemy Pokemon while attacking at the same time.

For instance, Tackle makes you charge forward a short distance. This can be used to knock back attacking Pokemon or close the gap between you and your enemy. Ember makes the Pokemon move back quite a distance quickly before firing fireballs, making it perfect for quick escapes. You also have to make sure you’re aiming at a Pokemon before firing a projectile move so that it actually hits.

Experiment with each move and see what kinds of strategies you can create.

4. Learn to Cook

pokemon quest recipes

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Cooking is your only method of befriending new Pokemon. Depending on what ingredients you put in, you’ll come up with different recipes and attract different Pokemon. That’s why it’s essential to learn all the recipes you can cook.

Check out our full guide on how to cook here.

5. Team Composition Is Key

pokemon quest chansey

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Pokemon not only have variety in types but variety in stats. Pokemon can have close range or long range attacks and have balanced, stats, high attack with low HP, and high HP with low attack. The key to an effective team is to have a combination of these different Pokemon.

Tank Pokemon are essential in the harder stages, as they can live through attacks while your other Pokemon wait to be revived after being knocked out. These high HP behemoths are even better if they have an HP-restoring move or if they have a long range attack to keep away from enemies. Chansey are especially good as a tank early on thanks to their massive HP and healing Soft-Boiled move. They can be found by cooking the Mulligan Stew.

You’ll also need a strong attack Pokemon such as Growlith or Charmander. These Pokemon often have strong attacks that can disrupt crowds of Pokemon. Some may even have moves that increase their attack.

6. Train Pokemon & Get Rid of Them All in One

pokemon quest training

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From the Edit Pokemon menu, you can hit the button on the right side to go into the training section. Here you can level up your Pokemon and even teach them new moves. To do that, you need to add supporting Pokemon that will leave you when the training is over. This is a great way to not only strengthen your favorite Pokemon but to get rid of the ones you don’t need and keep your storage from filling up.

The more Pokemon you use for support and the higher their level and number of Power Stone slots, the more experience you give to the training Pokemon or the more likely you’re going to teach them a new move. According to Serebii, you also get more experience/higher success rate by using support Pokemon of the same evolution line as the training Pokemon. But the more powerful your Pokemon gets, the longer it takes to train it and the lower the success rate goes. You also cannot control what moves it learns.

7. Power Stones Are Your Friend, Especially If You Get a Bingo Bonus

pokemon quest power stones

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The Power Stones are essential to powering up Pokemon. Here your attackers can become even mightier. Meanwhile your tanks can be even more bulky while also having their attack augmented so that they can be more useful fighters.

The stones that affect Pokemon moves are especially valuable. Wait Less Stones reduce the time it takes for moves to recharge after being used, which is a big help. The Scattershot Stone can increase the number of shots a Pokemon fires, with Ember shooting two fireballs instead of one that turn into six smaller fireballs instead of three.

As you go out on expeditions, the Expedition Bonus meter will fill. When it fills completely after 10 expeditions, you are guaranteed a gold Power Stone after defeating the boss in your next expedition, according to Serebii. So when that happens, be sure to dive into a high strength stage and beat it to earn the best reward you can get.

If you fill up a full line of Power Stone slots on a Pokemon horizontally or vertically, you get a Bingo Bonus that’s unique to each Pokemon, according to Serebii. Bonuses include resistance to status conditions, healing effects, critical hit chance increases and increases to attack or HP.

8. Different Pokemon Have Different Stats Even If They’re the Same Kind

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Pokemon you befriend will have different stats even if you get the same species of Pokemon. For instance, I have a level seven Rattata with a HP of 82 and an attack of 132. A level two Rattata I got after cooking food has a HP of 87 and an attack of 129. Pokemon can also have different moves and Power Stone slots. Pay attention if you have a Pokemon that’s clearly stronger so you can use them on your team and use the others for training.

9. Only Spend Tickets When You Need To

pokemon quest microtransactions

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There are many ways you can spend PM Tickets, the game’s premium currency. You only get a limited amount for free each day in the store or by completing different achievements, however, so you need to spend them wisely.

Investing early on in a decoration for your base that increases XP or how many cooking ingredients you get is a good idea. And if you need to expand your storage, buy the Power Stone storage as you’ll run out of space quicker for that then Pokemon storage. Try not to spend tickets on speeding up the cooking process as you can just do more expeditions to cook food.

10. Need More Ingredients? Pay Attention to the Ingredient Ratio of a Level

pokemon go ingredient ratio

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Each world has a circle-shaped icon next to its name. This icon is the Ingredient Ratio, which tells you how much more of certain colored cooking ingredients you will receive compared to the others. That way if you need a specific colored ingredient for a cooking recipe, you can hunt them down in the level that gives you the highest chance of receiving that ingredient.

For instance, Gloomy Grove will earn you mostly yellow ingredients as the yellow part of the icon takes up nearly half of the circle. You have a slightly smaller chance of earning gray ingredients and a much small chance of earning blue and red ingredients.

Serebii has a full list of worlds and what their Ingredient Ratios are.

There are points in the game where you’ll find yourself stuck due to a really strong boss. That’s okay. Just do more expeditions in the earlier worlds while strengthening your team, earning stronger Power Stones, and summoning more Pokemon. You can do it!

Have any more tips for Pokemon Quest? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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