5 Star Ocean: Anamnesis Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Square Enix has a good track record when it comes to pushing their RPG’s to mobile.

Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, Secret of Mana, and other popular franchises have made the transition. Japanese development studio tri-Ace is behind one of Square Enix’s more underrated RPG series, Star Ocean. Now its ardent fanbase can enjoy the space travel and action-packed battles of Star Ocean on mobile with the release of Anamnesis. Exploring the galaxy and taking down all the threats that step in front of you are tough tasks. But with our tips guide in hand, you’ll become the most legendary space-faring captain!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Star Ocean: Anamnesis:

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1. The Direct Path to Victory!

Star Ocean Anamnesis

Square Enix Inc

• When it’s time to head into battle, always make sure you adopt another player’s character via the loan system. If you happen to follow that player and that same player follows you, you’ll receive battle perks that’ll assist your current party. Once you’re on the battlefield, start going crazy and landing some sick combos.

• You’ll need to make good use of the “Cancel Bonus” system at all times – activate a skill during the animation of another skill and you’ll receive a 150-percent damage bonus. Do it a second time right after to raise the damage percentage to 200-percent, then do it for a third consecutive time to increase it to a max percentage of 300-percent! Before you try to activate a max Cancel Bonus percentage, make sure your AP is at its maximum limit.

Star Ocean Anamnesis

Square Enix Inc

• You can also activate each character’s Rush attack in succession. Wait till two or more characters have their Rush icon active. That’s the perfect time to land multiple Rush attacks and wipe out an entire party or a tough boss. Don’t just keep an eye on your party members’ AP and Rush icons – you also need to be aware of who’s HP is too low.

• Immediately switch to a character who’s near death so you can move them to a safer spot on the battlefield. If you have a Healer on deck, the AI can be trusted upon to activate their HP restoration ability. Sometimes it’s best to put your AP towards blocking. Just stand completely still while an enemy attacks and your character will reduce the damage given to them via blocking.

2. Build a Balanced Team Where Every Character is Tied to a Different Class

Star Ocean Anamnesis

Square Enix Inc

• Each character is classified under one of five classes – Attacker, Defender, Sharpshooter, Invoker, and Healer. Since you can only take three characters into battle alongside a borrowed player’s warrior, you need to be smart about your party lineup. It’s always smart to include a Defender and a Healer on you team thanks to their strong support skillset. A strong Attacker should definitely be the main character of your party. As for your guest character slot, employ another offensive-based character to add some extra power to your team!

3. Upgrade Your Weaker Characters and Practice Weapon Enhancing & Transmutation

Star Ocean Anamnesis

Square Enix Inc

• You’ll eventually grow tired of running into each battle with the same team setup as you make your way through missions. But chances are high that the team members you first start out with are strong enough to handle much tougher foes. You can quickly level up any lower level characters you have by enhancing their status and performing a Limit Break. In order to enhance the status of any character, you’ll need certain Prism’s or Prism Stone’s. Make sure you have a good amount of FOL currency, though – improving your characters isn’t a cheap endeavor. That also goes for limit breaking – you’ll need a certain type of limit break material and plenty of FOL.

• You’ll acquire a good amount of each aforementioned item just by completing missions, participating in Events, and receiving gifts. You can also acquire those items by getting them through Starter Missions, log-in rewards, and completed Achievements. Speaking of items, you’ll acquire the same weapons over time. Use the Auto-Equip option in the “Characters” tab to give each character the best equipment loadout.

• Once a weapon gets enhanced to level 10, it becomes available for transmutation. Transmuting a 5-star weapon nets you a coin that can be put towards a brand new 5-star weapon of your choosing. If you cherish your level 10 weapon and don’t wanna sacrifice it, keep it equipped. If you’re looking to get a new weapon type of a higher rarity, then take a level 10 weapon into the transmutation lab. Remember – sacrifice up to five weapons of the same rarity to craft something brand new. And of course, more powerful.

4. Brave the Dangers of The Maze of Tribulations

• Once you unlock The Maze of Tribulations, you’ll get up to three chances per day to complete it. Braving the numerous dangers within this dungeon can only be done with a party of high-level heroes. Successfully completing a journey will grant you access to coins that can be be exchanged for 5-star ranked equipment.

• You’ll also get plenty of other goodies for your troubles. Completing The Maze of Tribulations three times is a Daily Achievement you should always complete – you’ll acquire 10 pieces of a Large Purple Crystal every time. Do your best to get through each Achievement (Event, Daily, Weekly, and Other) so you can accrue a treasure trove of beneficial loot.

5. Farm for Experience and Items by Replaying Completed Battles

Star Ocean Anamnesis

Square Enix Inc

• As you draw new characters, you’ll want to level up any fresh recruits you may attain. The best way to do that besides status enhancing and limit breaking is by farming experience from old battles. Just return to a previously beaten mission and bring in your weaker party members. Employ this method and you’ll quickly improve the stats of any new heroes you’d like to take into harder missions. Completing old missions also helps you gather weapons you may already have. And of course, those same weapons can be put towards weapon enhancing and transmutation.

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