5 The Fish Master! Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

The Fish Master Tips


If we’re talking about top five pastimes, fishing certainly has to enter the conversation.

It’s so rewarding to capture huge and rare sea creatures with nothing but your strength and a good fishing line. Voodoo’s The Fish Master! embraces that concept and brings it to gamers in mobile form. Since we’re in the business of helping you all be the best that you can be (in a boat), we’ve put together this essential tips guide for the game. Your wallet will be overflowing with money and your line will hook the biggest fish of ’em all!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for The Fish Master!:

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1. Active Fishing vs. Passive Fishing

The Fish Master Tips


• Your little portly fisherman doesn’t need you to do extra screen swipes or finger movements when it’s time to cast your lure. Just tap once to send your fishing line into the ocean below you. You can choose to catch any fish in two different ways – either by moving your fishing line across the screen while it ascends or just letting it stay in the center.

• The first method is a more rewarding option since you can pick off any fish that are to the left or right of you. But if you’re feeling a bit lazy and just want to let the game work for you, one single tap is all you need. Your fishing line will still pick up any fish that happens to swim across it as it stays in the center and makes its way back up to the surface.

2. Always Make a Play for Capturing Bigger and Shinier Fish

• During your early period spent with the game, you’ll pick up smaller and simpler species of fish. Once you reach the much deeper lengths of the ocean, you’ll start to spot even more types of underwater sea life. During this point of the game, you’ll want to make a play for capturing the more rarer fish types. Those types of fish are usually much larger than regular fish. You should also keep an eye out for shiny fish – these rare specimen will net you a lot more money than the two other fish types you’ll come across.

3. Strength, Then Length

The Fish Master Tips


• There’s two main upgrades that will take you much deeper into the ocean and allow you to recover even more fish than before. Accumulate as much money as you can through your early fishing efforts and prioritize which upgrades you should spend your cash on. Your very first upgrade purchase should go towards your fishing line Strength, then your next purchase should go towards your fishing line Length. And so on and so on and so on. You’ll have an easier time picking up rarer, bigger fish since your fishing line will become more durable and can go much deeper to find them.

4. Don’t Forget About Upgrading Your Offline Earnings

• There’s a third and final upgrade you can throw your cash at. By increasing the earn rate of your Offline Earnings, you’ll be able to rack up tons more money every time you step away from the game. Once you’re satisfied with your fishing line Strength and Length, put your future earnings towards your Offline Earnings. By the time you come back after a long break, you’ll have amassed a ton of cash that can go towards upgrading your Offline Earnings even more.

5. Always Double Your Earnings

• After your line makes it back to your boat, your total earnings will be counted. By playing the game online, you’ll always get the option to view a quick video advertisement. Making double the amount of money you earned during one fishing line castoff means having to sit through one of these videos. Make sure you follow the game’s suggestion to do this every single time. A simple 10-second video advertisement will help you accrue even more fast money.

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