Dead by Daylight PTB Coming August 28

Dead by Daylight PTB Release Date


For those waiting for the new Dead by Daylight killer, you will be able to try it out on August 28.

The new playable test build will be available August 28 as announced during today’s developer stream. The PTB is only available on PC but it is a way for players to try out the new killer, survivor, perks and map. The team is trying to get the same content on Xbox One and PS4 at the same time as PC but it doesn’t seem like the PTB will be part of that.

The PTB will likely last several days so players will be able to get a good feel for how the killer works. One thing that isn’t great about the PTB is all content and progress made there will not carry over to the main game. No official timetable has been given for how long the PTB will last for.

As for who the new killer is, that remains to be seen. The PTB information was revealed early in the stream so we might receive the information as the stream goes on. We did receive a teaser video today so we do have a better idea about the killer. You can watch the trailer and read more about the killer here.

The developers said the trailers shown on Instagram and YouTube have been dissected by many players on the internet but there is still more to find.

The developers did talk about Freddy for a little bit and see he is being looked at for a rework sooner rather than later. They mention he does really well against rank 20 players but ends up being bullied against higher ranked players.

Once the PTB begins we will have the full list of new perks coming to the game as well as information about the new survivor and killer. The new survivor never really builds much hype but if we do get some nice perks there will surely be some excitement.

Dead by Daylight is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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