Fortnite Flaming Hoop Locations for Week 4, Season 5

Fortnite Flaming Hoops

Another week, another set of challenges for players to solve in Fortnite. Developer Epic Games has done a great job presenting unique puzzles for users to solve in-game and the Flaming Hoops are no exception. To complete this challenge, you will need to drive either an ATK or shopping cart through five different flaming hoops. This does not need to be completed in the same match, so take your time and focus on getting one hoop at a time.

Below is a breakdown of every location for the flaming hoops in Fortnite. Keep in mind, Epic has a habit of adding more than the required amount of quest items to this game. This means as we discover more this post will be updated. If you discover a hoop that we haven’t listed, make sure to sound off in the comments below!

Fortnite Flaming Hoops

‌Yellow markers indicate hoop locations

  • South East Corner of A5:  The first hoop you have to jump through is between Snobby Shores and the Viking Village. This ramp is near the front gate of the last house on a cliff. Sometimes an ATK spawns near this location.
  • Middle of C5: North of Gresey Grove there is an indoor soccer field. Once you reach this location head north and you should run into the ramp.
  • Southern Part of C8: Just north of Flush Factory is a large mountain and a small town. Follow the road north and there will be a ramp to your right on the mountain.
  • Middle of 9D: This ring of fire is directly in Flush Factory. It’s impossible to miss, so when you land look for the giant toilet and the hoop should be right above that. You will need to just build your own ramp up to it.
  • Northwest Corner of E3: To the left of Lazy Links in a large hole in the ground in the shape of an umbrella. At the southern portion of the hole will be a ramp you can take. Remember, a ton of carts spawn at Lazy, so this should be an easy one to grab.
  • South East Corner of E3: Just north of Loot Lake you’ll find a ramp over an ice cream truck. If you grab the one by the hole in the ground, this should be your next stop.
  • Middle of H7: At the edge of the desert, near the broken bridge you’ll find a ramp you can launch yourself off of.
  • Middle of HJ: To the right of Paradise Palms you will find a ramp that leads right off a cliff and into the water. There is a flaming hoop here, but remember the jump will kill you.
  • Northern Part of G4: This one is super easy to get and find. Drop at Tomato Town and go south through the tunnel to find the ring of fire. There are shopping carts in the town and on top of the tunnel. You can just build your ramp through this ring so don’t worry about constructing a ramshackle ramp.
  • South East Corner of I9: Another ramp can be found along the southern road to Paradise Palms. In between the purple dinosaur and the unnamed town is a ramp on the cliff next to the road. No shopping carts spawn here, but this location usually has a few ATKs.

When completing this challenge, the biggest problem you will face is actually finding a vehicle to jump through the hoop. Don’t count on finding an ATK, so focus on just nabbing a shopping cart and using that. If you are having trouble launching yourself through the ring, consider constructing a downward ramp to gain some momentum.

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