Madden Mobile 19 Turns Into Madden Overdrive This Year

Madden Mobile 19 Release Date

EA Sports

Traditionally there has been a mobile counterpart to coincide with the release of Madden. This year is a little different as Madden Mobile is being turned into Madden NFL Overdrive.

The mobile version of Madden has always been a fun way to wait around for the full release of Madden and also play in your free time. Madden Overdrive sounds like it’ll be a better version of Madden Mobile so players have that to look forward to.

As phones progress and get more powerful it allows for games to do more on the devices. As a result, Madden NFL Overdrive features a brand new engine that EA promises will make the game look and feel better than ever before.

EA also says Madden NFL Overdrive will have real-time physics and broadcast-style presentation which will help add a sense of realism to the mobile version. You can get a brief glimpse on what to expect in the trailer above.

Players are able to pre-register and be alerted when Madden NFL Overdrive goes live. Players also receive a free Kick Off pack when the new season starts. Players can pre-register at the link here.

For right now Madden NFL Mobile still exists and if players are interested, they can still download the current Madden NFL Mobile app. Playing the current app allows players to boost their Preseason Score and earn tickets that can redeemed for various rewards once Madden NFL Overdrive launches later this year.

Madden NFL Overdrive releases worldwide for iOS and Android devices on August 15, 2018. For more gaming news, guides and features stay with us here at Heavy.

Madden NFL 19 releases August 10 for PS4, Xbox One and PS4. Hall of Fame Edition owners receive three day early access beginning August 7.

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